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General News of Monday, 5 October 2009


Busia retuns from Exile

Return From Exile; Swimming Upstream -


I do thank you all so very much for coming to my ‘Return from exile’ press conference. I am afraid I have received a national security directive from the National Security Coordinator Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo Lartey to call off this press briefing. I shall honor the directive with due regard to the challenges posed by the security sensitivity of some of the issues and refrain from making the anticipated substantive address. I shall make some brief remarks however. I believe I have earned that indulgence.

I sincerely thank God for his justice which is new every morning and for strengthening me through one of the most horrifying politically orchestrated human rights abuses in a democracy, administered to me by President Kufour’s administration via especially the BNI and the security network which led to my brother Nana Kwadwo Gyasi Busia dying in my place in the most panicky moments of our experience, while using our own father, the late Prime Minister Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia’s name and image to legitimize its claim to democratic credentials.

What a sad political irony and betrayal of my dad’s memory and authentic legacy. My mother, Kofi Busia’s former wife and I have had near death experiences with my family engulfed in a seemingly never ending nightmare. Even as Kofi Busia turns in his grave, I hope there will be an opportunity for the entire nation to take a close look at ourselves and the darkest hours of my relentless ordeal when I was alone with God. My hope is that this matter will energize transformational change and socio political re-engineering for democracy to be entrenched in Ghana including security sector reform. Evidently the culture of silence and fear that looks the other way for evil to triumph is still with us.

At the appropriate time I should articulate a renewed vision for the revival of the Progress Party and the ideals of democracy as espoused by Kofi Busia and for which he lived and died. I would call on all true Busiast and those seeking inspirational God fearing political leadership to come home. I shall stand firm for the Rule of Law and for ethics and morality in governance. I shall Endeavour with all my heart and soul to keep a distinctive and honorable legacy alive and to entrench true democracy. I shall leave you with a memento. I am not the one who is making up history, it is history that is repeating itself because God is reinstating justice in Ghana.

I shall quote a posterity message relevant for all time from K. A. Busia. ‘You who are young have the exciting chance to build a better society, to leave a better world than you find it today’. This is all I have tried to do; To make Progress a sure thing for our country; To help realize the ideals of my daddy who I saw so very little of and to honor a continuation of his vision of democracy for a better society, a better Ghana through my commitment to peace security and stability and to uphold justice as my raison dete.

Please understand that it was with tears in my soul that I went into exile following vicious death threats, inhumane abuse and politically orchestrated venom and vitriol on the airwaves and Ghanaweb, a spectacle of a bloodhound unknown in the annals of our checkered violent political history. Why? The only reason for that is; I stood up for Ghana and for Truth against international crime and treason caged as a prisoner of conscience under virtual house arrest and security surveillance.

I am swimming upstream in an unequivocal quest for dignified open and transparent Justice. I am seeking that Truth be established and my dignity and honour be restored by His Excellency President Mills’ Administration including honoring outstanding governmental financial obligations withheld from me as a punitive measure for serving with integrity.

I have requested an insightful formal review by the Security Coordinator, the Commissioner of Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Justice Emile Short, the Attorney General Mrs. Betty Mould Idrissu as well as my Attorneys.

This case is about Truth, Justice and egoistic Corrupt Power.: It is about how former National Security Minister, Francis Poku compromised National Security Policy, SHORTCHANGED Ghana, and endangered my LIFE with the criminal complicity of those who should have acted to protect life and liberty in the country but did not, due to Francis Poku’s powerful blackmailing secret dossiers and cash handouts from dubious sources.

For the avoidance of doubt we are in my operational offices at the small arms commission secretariat which have been deemed not to exist and from which I have rendered international level superlative performance for the Peace and stability of this country and the ECOWAS sub region representing Ghana at United Nations level interaction. I am most proud to have implemented an approximately US $1million program, which was in the public domain and received press coverage, and furthermore working on an approved US$32 million European Union funding for ECOWAS small arms control, which was concluded in my offices here as well as a US$5million UK/UNDP funded program for Ghana’s National Action plan for small arms control, which is in limbo because Francis Poku shut down my operations.

Today, our nation is held hostage by armed robbers, who engage the security services in hot-headed gun battles and our conflict communities continue raging, due in part to excessive availability of uncontrolled arms and perceived socio-political injustices. There are various neighborhoods across the country that live in abject fear of armed robbers, following failed political leadership in small arms management and control by the Kufour Presidency.

I am holding a copy of the 52 page Whistle blower Petition submitted to Ms Anna Bossman with approx 200 supporting documents which has been criminally concealed in violation of constitutional due process. I am not at liberty to divulge the contents due to the security directive.

You will notice that all the locks on the doors of this secretariat have been changed by the previous administration to prevent my access. This does not constitute termination of appointment in a democracy neither does it depict rule of law by those who were masquerading as a successor to the Busia government chanting ‘I and my father are one’ at Odododiodio. Let us honor President Kufour and produce the evidence in this case.

In lieu of the substantive address I am substituting a terrific EXILE Interview with the Ghana Community online forum ‘Hard Talk with Nana Frema Busia, for Ghanaweb publication. I am sorry I am unable to answer any queries at present with due deference to the security directive. My name is NANA AFUA FREMA BUSIA, not Ama, I appreciate that the public and media take notice. I hope you will check the interview out and direct Comments to or

I thank Ghanaians all over the world whose hearts have been touched by God to support me. I have been overwhelmed by your love, encouragement and prayers which have sustained me.

I Thank you all so very much for coming. God Bless