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General News of Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Source: Happy 98.9FM

Bosses are not enemies nor your parents – Joyce Aryee

Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee, also known as “Auntie Joyce”, a former politician, reverend minister, and business person has encouraged the youth to find the courage to approach their bosses with ideas and also ask them for help in executing their duties.

According to her, it is wrong for one to perceive their bosses as their enemies or parents as that affects the work one does.

She noted that the socialization process in the country is to be blamed for this idea in the minds of young people in organizations making it difficult for them to work with older folks.

“Growing up, we were taught that they was a difference between a younger person and a senior but in reality, the word difference means respect. I doesn’t mean you can’t approach them. You can communicate with them, still give them the respect they deserve and see them as work colleagues.”

The businesswoman also added that “your bosses are not your fathers or mothers. They are your superiors.”

Explaining this, she pointed out the fact that when one puts the father or mother tag on their bosses, it affects their relationship and that brings about the feeling of entitlement.

Dr. Aryee furthered that, if one has an unfriendly father and a laxed mum, such an individual will also see their bosses in that light. Projecting their bosses if a male as their enemy and if female as bossy and proud because she will not roll over like their mothers.

The reverend minister encouraged the youth to unlearn whatever society has taught them and learn new things such as proper relations at the workplace on the job. “To offer something on the job, you have to learn from your boss who is up there and have that experience,” she said.

She advised the youth not to force their ideas on their bosses but rather give them suggestions. “The fact that you know about computers, doesn’t mean you’re better than your boss.” She asked that regardless of the relationship one has with their bosses, there should always be the ‘difference’ thus, respect for their bosses and it will be returned.

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