General News of Monday, 27 July 2015


Blame teachers for high unemployment - KAMA Boss

The Chief Executive Officer for KAMA Industries, Dr Michael Addo Agyekum says teachers in Ghana should be blamed for the unemployment problem facing the country.

He says teachers, right from the basic school to tertiary levels, have failed to teach students how to convert knowledge into food production and wealth creation.

This, he said, has resulted in many graduates not being able to apply their acquired knowledge to food production and job creation, thereby making them unemployable.

“I will blame the teachers for the unemployment rate in the country because they have to teach the students how to create jobs,” he said.

“To the extent that that has not been done, we will continue to blame them,” he added.

Dr Michael Addo Agyekum was speaking in an interview with Kwesi Fokuo Kudom, host of TOP FM’s news analyses programme “?n? Ghana” on Monday.

He suggested that, “we need to find ways to train teachers to teach students how to create jobs for themselves.”

“The 21st Century now is talent driven and so we have to unearth the talents of the students and fine-tune these talents.”

Meanwhile, the President of the Unemployed Graduate Association, Desmond Brexx Biney blamed the cause of unemployment on corruption in the public sector, as well as the high taxes that is killing fledgling businesses.

He explained that corruption in the public sector is causing the state to lose millions of cedis on a daily basis. These monies could be used to pay salaries of workers and even create room for more people to be employed.

“In the Ministries of Health and Education, several ghost names exist, meaning that the state is losing millions of cedis to wrong people,” he said.

Brexx Biney further stated that high taxes are a disincentive for starting businesses in Ghana. Fledgling businesses are “taxed the same as already existing businesses, and this is killing several businesses.”

Therefore, to deal with the unemployment menace, these areas must be looked at, he added.