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Politics of Monday, 29 August 2016


Bernard Mornah backs Afoko’s court appeal decision

Paul Afoko, Suspended National Chairman, NPP Paul Afoko, Suspended National Chairman, NPP

Mr. Bernard Mornah, National Chairman of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), says elected officers of the various political parties in the country must all be concerned about Afoko’s court appeal.

He is therefore endorsing the decision by Mr. Paul Awentami Afoko to pursue the appeal process to seek proper interpretation in order to get the matter resolved.

According to him, the unpardonable and basic errors in the judgment by an Accra High court in a suit filed by Mr. Afoko against the party and some executives over his suspension, will be very dangerous against elected officers and elected Flagbearers of all political parties if this ‘contrived’ judgment is allowed to stand without appeal at any superior court.

Speaking on Accra-baed Radio Gold’s “Alhaji and Alhaji”, Mr. Mornah said he was “scandalized” after reading the eighty-nine page of judgment on Afoko’s case. Adding that,” Paul Afoko went round throughout this country investing money and time in his campaign to get elected as a National Chairman of the NPP. He goes into that election and gets elected, overwhelmingly by over 5,000 delegates who had traveled from across Ghana. Then less than seventy (70) people sit somewhere in Accra and claim to have sacked him from that party. He takes the case to the law courts to seek justice, and then a judge rather supports the illegal and unlawful decision taken by that odd group.”He questioned

Per the judgment by Justice Anthony Yeboah, Mornah explained that, elected officers do not have security of tenure after being elected into office to serve a prescribed term of office. To him, this ruling suggests that, when you are elected into office, some few odd people who might not like your face can orchestrate and sack you from office. In his view the judgment suggests that, once you have been sacked from office by some odd group of people, you forfeit your membership right to that political party.

The PNC chairman therefore averred that, the danger in this contrived ruling is opened to all elected officers including Flagbearers. He called on all elected officers in the various political divide to endorse this appeal decision of Afoko.

“Elected officers of all political parties must be much concerned about the decision to appeal against this ruling by Afoko. It is not about Afoko but a constitutional subject”, he said

Some constitutional lawyers such as Lawyer Katakyie, have stated that, Justice Anthony Yeboah “played role of a defendant in his contrived judgment.” Other lawyers did not understand why Justice Anthony Yeboah will rely on documents and evidence on record that had been earlier expunged at the Pre-trial case management stage, as basis for his ruling. These and several other legal brains have urged Mr Paul Afoko to take this matter to the highest level for a fair hearing and a proper interpretation of their party’s constitution.