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General News of Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Believing you're too educated to be enlightened was your first act of stupidity - Dela Goldheart to Ace

Amelia Amedela Amemate a.k.a Dela Goldheart (L) with Lawyer Ace Ankomah (R) in an enhanced photo Amelia Amedela Amemate a.k.a Dela Goldheart (L) with Lawyer Ace Ankomah (R) in an enhanced photo

Just when many people envisaged the curtain to be drawn on the teeming ‘beef’ between young passionate feminist Dela Goldheart and private legal practitioner Ace Ankomah, the former seems to have dug in and hit back at the lawyer.

In a long letter addressed to Ace Ankomah, the tough feminist whose real name is Amelia Amedela Amemate chided him about the manner in which he sought to denigrate her to his followers.

“Dear Mr. Ankomah,

This is from the little worm who has no spine to you - a Dinosaur of the Gutters.

For the past four days, I have watched you intentionally misconstrue my words, deliberately misrepresented my comment on your post, attacked me incessantly and inspired hate towards me on social media and beyond. What was my crime? I dared to challenge you - the almighty Ace Annan Ankomah who happens to be the demigod of knowledge in Ghana.

You described yourself as having been married for 25 years, did Gender Studies in addition to Law which you have been practicing in Ghana for some years now. So I ask, which of the characteristics stated above makes you the demigod of knowledge that you think you are?

In other words, do the above listed endeavours make you too knowledgeable to be enlightened? If you think that you have nothing more to learn, then please stop reading books and interacting with people because you learn from them when you do.

I think that believing that you are too enlightened to be enlightened was your first act of stupidity. Borrowing your own words, "I am not insulting you, I am only describing you".

Dela further described the stance taken by Mr. Ankomah as justification that “there are many mentally unstable men in respectable suits in our society”, noting that he was just tainting the image of his well respected profession.

“Let me ask: do you run naked out of a bathhouse after a mad woman because she took your towel away? What should we make of a person who does that? Is he not madder than the mad woman? Your followers, so I understand, will say that the mad woman deserves to be run after for taking your towel away. The truth is, not everyone who points accusing fingers at others is "clean". What you demonstrated these past few days showed that there are many mentally unstable men in respectable suits in our society.

Observing your followers repeatedly saying that I deleted my comments on your post and took to my heels, and seeing your silence in the face of their accusations, I could not help but realize that many of the things you ascribed to me rather fit you more than they fit me. How could a man those same people call respectable not tell them that he deleted/hid my comments and the original insults he threw at me (maybe for fear of looking bad and being reported to the Ghana Bar Association)?”

According to Ms. Amemate, the actions by Ace Ankomah is a clear indication of idleness on his behalf thus his ceaseless attacks on “a mentally unstable, deranged, uncouth low IQ bush worm that has no spine”.

Clearly, you, at this moment, have no shame or proper work to do than sit on social media and attack a young woman you claim is unworthy of your attention. In case you are tempted to console yourself that you only did what you had to do to save your image, think again.

"Young people like me who hold the law profession in high regard expect a better conduct from you than what you put up on social media on Saturday. The same way law is not about blubbering and for deranged young women like me as you said in one of your “jabs at me”, it is certainly not a basket full of lies, clothed in cowardice and shamelessness as exuded by individuals like yourself.

"If it were, young people like me would have distanced ourselves from it. It is a respectable profession that you have smeared with mud through your conduct these past few days. Even if I had gone below the belt, a seasoned lawyer who advises people for a living should have gone higher and said “my daughter, this is how it is done”. Instead, you chose to descend even lower than the young lady you described as “deranged, bushy and mentally unstable”.

Last week’s arguments on whether or not a wife should be cooking for her husband took an interesting twist on social media platform, Facebook, as prominent legal practitioner, Ace Ankomah engaged in a war of words with Dela Goldheart.

In a piece which captured some marriage tips he offered his friend, Kobby Addo, Ace Ankomah indicated that the responsibility of a man is to provide money for the home while that of the wife is to ensure that the home is properly managed and that according to him includes the kitchen.

He posited that these roles cannot be swapped so irrespective of whether the woman chooses to work or not, the kitchen is part of her primary responsibilities.

The staunch feminist would however not have any of that as she hit out at Ace Ankomah, leading to a chain reaction of endless retaliations.

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