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General News of Monday, 25 March 2019


Bawumia will not hold lectures on Economy; he’s not in opposition – Spokesperson

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia will not hold regular lectures to diagnose Ghana’s economy and profer solutions like he did while in opposition, his spokesperson Dr. Gideon Boako has said.

Critics of Vice President Bawumia who’s the Head of Ghana’s Economic Management team have strongly criticized him for his inability to stabilize the Cedi against foreign currencies especially the dollar.

Dr Bawumia, in 2017 publicly announced that he had arrested the dollar and had handed the keys to the I. G P.

The cedi over the weeks saw its value go down significantly reaching around ¢5.80.

Dr. Bawumia’s critics slammed his deafening silence on the cedi’s performance and expect him to public comment on the matter as he did in opposition holding several fora on the economy.

However, his Spokesperson Dr. Gideon Boako in an interview said Dr. Bawumia now in power cannot continue to conduct himself, in the same manner, he did in opposition because his life is now regulated by the constitution and his work defined.

“People expect that he should be holding lectures and speak about the economy as he used to do while in opposition, but that certainly cannot be done. Dr Bawumia in opposing was free to decide what he wanted to do because he wasn’t responsible for the entire country. In opposition, you hardly get to engage institutions like AGI, Bankers Association and others so the only way the public could get to hear about him and what he had to offer was through press conferences and lectures. But now that Dr. Bawumia is in power and a Vice President, he doesn’t have the latitude of time and his life is regulated by the constitution of Ghana and his work well defined. It doesn’t happen anywhere in the world that a Vice President holds press conferences at will.”

Dr. Boako added: “The Minority expects that Dr Bawumia will continue to hold press conferences, he’s not an opposition leader but Vice President of the country and so he has to organize himself as such. Recently that the cedi has depreciated, what Ghanaians expect is not long talk but solution. So we decided to put in place pragmatic measures to halt the situation, as we speak the cedi is now GHC5.0, GHC5.1 as against the earlier GHC5.8. This shows the prudence in the management of the economy, this is not about giving long talks. Dr. Bawumia will hold a stakeholder town hall meeting about the economy on April 3, where he’ll among other things state the real cause of the cedi depreciation.”