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General News of Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Ban Benny Hinn from Ghana – Irbard Ibrahim attacks

Irbard Ibrahim play videoIrbard Ibrahim

Self-acclaimed Security Analyst, Irbard Ibrahim, has taken offence over a sermon by Televangelist Benny Hinn, in which he declared Ghana as a Christian nation.

According to him, the Televangelist preaches hate and his message is extremist and divisive.

“Ghana should never again allow this man into the country to preach hate, division and extremism. We can’t allow foreigners to fly in for a few days to sow the seed of discord and national disunity in Africa,” he stated.

In what he calls ‘My 10th Address to the Nation’, Irbard Ibrahim noted that Ghana has cheapened her sovereignty as a nation to allow Pastor Hinn to denigrate the country and its constitution.

“In what capacity does he declare Ghana a Christian nation, isn’t that an upfront to our constitution… why have we cheapened our sovereignty as a country?" he quizzed.

Ibrahim averred that churches should invite pastors whose messages unite rather than the ones who divide the nation with their messages like Pastor Benny Hinn does.

“Every church or mosque that intends to fly in a foreign preacher should work hand in hand with the state and the speeches of these foreign preachers should be vetted, screened and were necessary censored by Ghana’s authorities before they are delivered,” he said.

Irbard Ibrahim, also, fumed about Pastor Hinn's classification of the Islamic leadership in Nigeria as evil powers.

“We can’t tolerate this as a people in this black continent. Let’s all endeavour to strengthen the bond of brotherhood, good neighbourliness, mutual respect and tolerance for each other’s faith. God or Allah is neither American nor Israeli…we all worship a universal God, and Ghana and Africa do not need an American and Israeli or an Arab to tell us how to commune with our creator,” he stressed.

He urged Christians and Muslims to respect local preachers and Imams because "they are of us and they understand our cultural and religious dynamics of this great nation and continent."

Pastor Benny Hinn arrived in Ghana to participate in the Experience Conference taking place at The Maker’s House Chapel International (TMH), near the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, Kwabenya, Accra.

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