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Politics of Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Azoka Boys not officially recognised - Agbenyo

The Deputy Communications Director of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Fred Agbenyo has stated that the party does not have total control over the activities of Azorka Boys and that they are not a recognised group within the party.

This he said, it is impossible to streamline their activities within the party because they do not work for the NDC.

H e refuted claims that Azorka Boys are affiliates to the party.

‘It’s difficult to streamline activities of any group you don’t have control over, it’s not a recognised body within the NDC, how do we regulate their activities, how de will control them.

They are not officially known in the party circles, they don’t work officially for the party or anything… the Azorka Boys are young men who have affiliation to the Northern Regional Chairman, Sofo Azorka,’ he asserted.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he dispelled claims that Azorka Boys is a violent and militant group as perceived by some sects of the public.

According to him, the Azorka Boys offer protection to their party members when there is a function and the population outnumber police assigned.

‘Often times when the state security agencies renege on their duties and are not able to provide the necessary security and safety for our people, then naturally party members would want to provide security and make sure that their leadership is protected.

It’s unfortunate if anybody thinks that they are affiliates of NDC, what law disband people from forming groups and belonging to associations, nothing, maybe what we should be interested in is to check their activities,’ he said.

He assured that the party is committed in maintaining peace and stability.

‘NDC is very committed to maintaining the peace and stability of this country, and so any action that will result in chaos and confusion, NDC as much as possible want to eschew it, now from all indications sometimes political parties lose control of these vigilante groups, we are not able to regulate the things that they do. So for us to be on the safer said, all of us have signed an understanding to make sure that we do as much as possible to do away with such groups and make sure that we work with the state apparatus and security agencies,’ he said.

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