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"Azaa" boys at Dormaa-Ahenkro
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Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 21 September 2006

Source: GNA

"Azaa" boys at Dormaa-Ahenkro

Dormaa-Ahenkro (B/A), Sept. 21, GNA - Madam Akua Pomaah, a 35-year-old trader at Atesikrom, near Dormaa-Ahenkro last Tuesday, had the shock of her life when two confidence tricksters outwitted and robbed her of nearly one million cedis.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) shortly after the incident, Madam Pomaah said she bumped into one of the boys at a roundabout near the Dormaa Tuesday Market and he introduced himself as Matthew. She said he had hardly finished introducing himself when another boy, whom she later suspected to be an accomplice, joined them. Both pretended not to know each other but jointly asked her to direct them to where they could exchange some foreign currencies for cedis.

She said after showing them, the boys in thanking her offered her a parcel wrapped in polythene and reminiscent of money. "I also thanked them and pushed the parcel into my handbag, which contained 850,000 cedis that I intended to use at the market", the trader added.

Madam Pomaah said a few minutes later she found to her utter surprise that her money had vanished from the bag and the contents of the parcel were pieces of newspaper carefully cut to the size of 20,000 cedis denomination.

The Police at Dormaa Ahenkro have since mounted a search for the tricksters.

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