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Politics of Thursday, 30 June 2011

Source: Patriotic Youth Front

Attack On The Chief Justice Unacceptable And Regretful

We members of the Patriotic Youth Front (P.Y.F) have taken notice of the incessant
and irresponsible attack being launched on Her Ladyship, Georgina Theodora- Wood,
the Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana, by some enemies of the rule of law.

The alacrity, with which these unforeseen hands, want to demoralize and plunge the
chief justice and indeed the entire judicial institution, to submit to their whims
and caprices in other for them to pursue their selfish agenda, whiles ignoring the
laws of the land, is highly unacceptable and regretful.

It is no news that, since the inception of the Mills-Mahama administration in
January 2009, Her Ladyship, has endured a barrage of attacks from leading members of
the NDC and its appendages. Most notorious of all, is the call by the NDC national
chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei for a house cleaning exercise within the judiciary, in
which he made the infamous “killing the cat” declaration. There are other litanies
of venom spewed on Her Ladyship, with the recent one being a threat on her dear life
by some hotheads.

Though, we believe in the legitimacy of people to express their views and the right
for checks and balances within state institutions, it is imperative that, it must be
done with civility and adherence to the laid down rules and procedures. Like any
other human institution, the judiciary has its own deficiencies; however, we are
aware of vigorous reforms being undertaken by the Judiciary to guarantee its
effectiveness and core values of adjudicating justice in fairness to all.

We dare say, the soul of Her Ladyship Georgina Theodora-Wood is now in the hands of
the Commander-In-Chief of the Ghana Armed forces, President J.E.A Mills and His
Excellency the Vice-President of the Republic, John Dramani Mahama, who is also the
Chairman of the Police council. They shall be held responsible if anything untoward
is visited on the life of Her Ladyship, the Chief Justice.

We however, cringe on the bastardization of the Judiciary since they are our last
resort in upholding justice whenever our rights are violated upon and that; the
necessary respect must be accorded them rather than the unnecessary cynicism.

The judiciary is a necessity if our young democracy is to strive, and it is time
that reality is accepted by all.

Thank you.

Chief Obosu Mohammed
Director of Operations (PYF)