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Lifestyle:6 things every couple must not do on a first date

First impressions they say matter a lot, because you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

In relationships, the first date is a big one which you don’t want to mess up otherwise, the memory of whatever bad happens will remain on your date’s mind like a scar. We don’t want that for you.

Here are six things everyone should absolutely avoid on a first date.

1. Do not dress inappropriately:Do not wear anything that could embarrass your date. And ladies, don’t put on anything you wouldn’t be able to wear to work. The simpler the better.

2. Definitely don’t get drunk:Enjoying a drink or two during a date is not a terrible idea, but know your limits especially on your first date.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being on a date with someone whose taken too much alcohol into their system.

3. Do not talk about your ex:Just don’t go there under any circumstance. Conversations about your ex should be avoided because it usually tells your date you are not over that person. No one wants to deal with that baggage.

4. Do NOT interview your date:Please don’t ask your date what’s their long or short term goals or motivates them on the first date. It’s meant to be a date, not a job interview.

Those deep questions can come up in subsequent dates, after both of you have eased up to each other.

5. Avoid talking about sex:This only reminds your date that there have been other lovers before them. So no sex chats, unless both of you intend to have sex on the first date.

6. Do not bring friends along:This makes it less of a date and more of a get-together. Bringing friends to dates signify there will always be a third party in your relationship.

Try and avoid these things and your first date would be worth the while.