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General News of Thursday, 29 March 2018


Anyidoho’s arrest: Comprehensive summary of all the ‘facts’ from day one

Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary of NDC play videoKoku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary of NDC

Mr Koku Ayidoho, embattled Deputy General Secretary of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party was picked up by officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the International Press Center on Tuesday, 27th March, 2018 at approximately 13:15GMT. brings you a comprehensive summary of all developments since day one:

Exactly what he said

Mr Koku Ayidoho, an ardent advocate against the US military deal with the government of Ghana has consistently maintained that government sold out the sovereignty of Ghana. Granting an interview on Happy FM in Accra, he said among other things that: “There will be a civil revolt. There’ll be a people’s movement. During President John Mahama’s tenure didn’t we receive similar threats from the likes of Let My Vote Count and OccupyGhana”.

The fire spitting deputy scribe didn’t stop there, despite caution by the host, he added:

“There’ll be a civilian coup d’etat; there’ll be a social revolution and the movement is starting on Wednesday. He [Akufo-Addo] will be fed up at the Presidency.”. He said in Twi.

He went on:

“On January 13, 1972 a certain Col. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong led a movement that removed the Progress Party from power. Busia was the Prime Minister and Akufo-Addo’s father was a ceremonial president. Somebody should tell Nana Akufo-Addo that history has a very interesting way of repeating itself.” Koku said.

NDC disowns treason comments

Following the publication of his comments by news sources and the reaction of social media, Mr Asiedu Nketia the NDC General Secretary speaking on Tuesday to Francis Aban of Starr FM disowned the comments, saying it didn’t represent the views of the NDC but the opinion of Koku Anyidoho.

Specifically, he said:

“The NDC party has a way of making information from the party known to the public. What Koku Anyidoho said is his opinion and not the position of the NDC party. Koku Anyidoho did not speak on behalf of the NDC as a party. He expressed as an opinion. Those are the words of Koku Anyidoho…he didn’t speak on behalf of the NDC”

Government speaks

Government, which had all along being watching the episode closely decided to speak up and it went straight for the NDC.

The government issued a statement condemning the NDC for its reluctance to condemn the treasonable comments of its deputy General Secretary Koku Anyidoho, but to disown it as merely representing Koku Anyidoho’s opinion.

The government said merely dissociating from it is not enough and called on NDC to renew its commitment to democratic governance.

The statement signed by Information Minister Dr Mustapha Abdul Hamid said government had taken notice of the participation and endorsement the NDC has given Wednesday’s demonstration against the US-Ghana Military deal, but is worried if the demonstration is not a harbinger of more disturbances to come.

Protests, tear gas, gun shots and No bail for Koku

At this time, unconfirmed news about Koku Ayidoho’s picking up was trickling with many unable to confirm. Social media caught on. When his arrest was confirmed, the CID Headquarters became a protest ground with supporters of the opposition NDC dominating, along with those who walked with him from the IPC to the CID Headquarters.

So far as Mr Anyidoho remained in holding, they won’t budge, the protesters vowed.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at the protesters with two people sustaining head and leg injuries, while a journalist of Multimedia received the beating of his life from police.

Top officials of the NDC stormed the venue one after the other but the CID denied Koku Anyidoho bail.

Amnesty International speaks against police brutality

Human Rights group, Amnesty International issued a statement to condemn the use of brutal force by the police to disperse supporters of the opposition who massed up at the police headquarters to protest the arrest of their deputy General Secretary Koku Anyidoho.

Water-cannons, Tasers, tear gas, batons, and plastic bullets were used by the police to disband the hoarding crowd, which the International human rights group condemned.

“It is terrible, it is barbaric and it is unheard off that a police of this calibre will go to this extent,” Country Director of AI stated in a Starr News interview.

“We are really sad that they [Police] go overboard in this situation. This is not the first time…it has happened several times and we think it is about time that the police is called to book and the IGP comes up and give us a good word on this issue because it so way overhead,” he added.

Court orders: Seize Koku’s phones and gadgets

The Accra High Court ordered the Police Criminal Investigations Department to seize some essential electronic gadgets on which information related to the alleged treasonable comments made by Koku Anyidoho are said to be stored. The items to be seized under the order include laptops, iPhones and ipads.

Justice Patience Mills-Tetteh gave the order on Wednesday following an ex-parte motion issued at the court by the Police.

The order also permits the police to search and seize electronic devices of ‘agents’ of Anyidoho.

Mahama visits, Still no bail

Former President Mahama moved straight to the CID Headquarters when he arrived from Sierra Leone.

He met Koku Anyidoho and took some pictures together. Sources say the CID still refused to grant him bail despite Mr Mahama’s intervention.

Mr Mahama had earlier posted about the issue:

“As a party that prides itself in the non-criminalization of speech, with a self-acclaimed human rights activist as President, the arrest of Koku Anyidoho with armed men in the middle of a press event is obviously disproportionate. Moreso, the high-handed police response to innocent citizens waiting at the CID HQ is condemnable.”

On the Ghana-U.S. military base deal the former President wrote as follows:

“I join in declaring #GhanaFirst as my compatriots and other democratic forces converge to demonstrate their opposition to the Ghana/US military agreement.”

Rawlings call for calm

Former President of the Republic of Ghana and founder of the NDC Jerry John Rawlings broke his silence on the arrest and detention of his party’s Deputy General Secretary Koku Anyidoho.

The former President took to Twitter saying there was the need for comportment from all angles in the handling of the case.

“Let’s all comport ourselves with maturity and cool-headedness and allow an investigative process devoid of emotions.”

He added that “at the end of the day, whatever happens, must be based on the integrity of truth”.

Court and where we are now

Sources say Mr Koku Ayidoho could be granted bail today, 48 hours after his arrest.

What we can however confirm here at is that Mr Koku Ayidoho will appear in court before 12 noon.

We will keep you posted.