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General News of Sunday, 28 March 2021


All about the herbs that expose witches

The Cock's comb or Akonfem Atiko helps one expose a witch play videoThe Cock's comb or Akonfem Atiko helps one expose a witch

Herbs have several uses, both in the home as food, as well as for medicinal and spiritual purposes. They come in various forms
but did you know that some herbs could be used to disclose the identity of persons with supernatural forms; witches to be precise?

A reverend minister who believes he has been ordained to heal using herbal means revealed on GhanaWeb’s People&Places that witches can be exposed using a particular plant.

The Heliotropium Indicum Linn (Family: Boraginaceae) commonly known in English as “Cock's comb” and called locally in Ghana as ‘Akonfem atiko’, according to Rev Peace, will force any witch to turn into their chosen animal form once the fluid from the plant touches them.

He explained that witches always carry the herb on them to enable them to fly in their transformed state.

“…before a witch will fly, he/she plucks the herb, squeezes the fluid from the ‘Cock’s comb’ and applies to the big toe.

“After applying to the toe, within a short time the witch will transform into the animal they usually turn into, before taking off,” Rev Peace noted.

He further explained that the mode of application of the ‘Akonfem Atiko’ was dependent on the type of animal the witch transforms into.

“… if the witch is a dog, he’ll squeeze the leaf and apply it to the nose… every witch watching knows I’m revealing a secret,” he added.

As a result, he noted that the same herb is required to exorcise a witch.