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General News of Monday, 18 September 2017


All SSNIT workers are thieves, freeloaders – Captain Smart

Adom FM's Morning Show host, Godsbrain Smart, also known as Captain Smart, has taken a swipe at authorities and staff of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), describing them as corrupt ‘thieves’ and freeloaders.

According to him, SSNIT workers are able to waste monies on “useless” projects which yield little or no results for the country because they don’t work for the monies but are paid every month from the ‘sweat’ of the ordinary Ghanaian worker.

“SSNIT is the only company that doesn’t work but is paid every month. They waste monies because they don’t work for it……. They are thieves, they are monkeys, God will punish them”, he said.”, he said.

Speaking on the Fabewoso show Monday September 18, 2017, Mr. Smart accused authorities of the Trust of deceiving Ghanaians by underrating the amount involved in the recent scandal. According to him, contrary to the $72 million amount being circulated as the cost of the OBS software procured by SSNIT, the actual amount totals $ 89.72 million.

“I was agitated when I heard the amount being circulated with regards to the scandal at SSNIT, it is not $72 million, it is $89.72 million”

Additionally he said, the institution which has been assigned to protect the retirement funds of civil worker’s in the country is irresponsibly spending on unnecessary projects including the purchase of ‘pocket diaries’ when it should be preserving these monies for the purpose for which it was set up.

“How can you use 79 billion cedis to go and print pocket diaries, it’s foolish. It’s more annoying because the monies were paid to purchase diaries which will be used in 2018, 2 years later while pensioneers stay several months without being paid proper monies”.

Citing portions of the Attorney General’s report of SSNIT’s dealings, where SSNIT submitted a fixed deposit amount of £ 620 which is GH 2788,992 at the Ghana International Bank without any security assignment, he described the action as one of many other corrupt ones where monies are used haphazardly by the institution because they don’t work to acquire these monies.

“[Fixed deposit in Ghana international bank not backed by security assignment ie. £ 620 which when converted is GH 2788, 992]. This makes the monies unaccounted for and the bank can deny them access to the money because they have no proof or security assignment. They are wasting the monies that are deducted from people’s salary and paid to them, monies which they haven’t worked for but are given to them freely.

They chase people on monthly basis and lock up their offices when they owe them but end up using the monies unwisely it is very painful”, he said.

He said the appropriate authorities should deal with the roots of corruption at SSNIT and deal with persons found culpable to avoid agitations and any unrest in the near future.

“Something will happen soon if nothing is done about these things, we keep saying we will demonstrate but people are taking it for a mere joke.”