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Opinions of Friday, 27 June 2008

Columnist: Mensah, Humphrey Tettey

Akufo-Addo's Wahala


The arrogant, clueless, and careworn Akufo-Addo, with no message to give Ghanaians because Ghanaians are tired of their empty promises, has decided to refer to himself as the Best Man for Ghana after the great party NDC and their able leader Professor John Atta-Mills came out with its Better Man For A Better Ghana message. Perceptibly, Akufo-Addo, lost in the jumble of his incapability to flutter his campaign because of the cocaine thing hanging around his neck, has decided to play with words. Yes he is the best man to lead the crooks. Ghanaians can not be fooled again….you can fool some people some of the time, you can fool all the people some of the time, but you cant fool the people all the time. NPP your looting cup is full and Ghanaians have wise up. Your time is up. VOTE NPP OUT… thieves…

NPP party grimy propaganda will back fire because it does not have the flamboyance of the people. Its sleaziest fear-mongering and mass exploitation of administration and public life dedicated to realizing the lowest of our panorama. Few days ago, very toothsome words coming from the NPP toothless presumptive leader, former attorney-General and Minister of Justice, whose party in government has sat down, and seized cocaine exhibit was stolen from a strong room with locked keys what a joke . If this dishonorable man thinks he can smear out corruption from the society, he must prove it now because words are cheap and we know him as a drug addict and dishonest man. Akuffo-Addo you cannot fool us. Ghana’s total debt as at the end of June 2007 stood at 57.72 trillion old Ghana cedis. The amount is made up of domestic debt of 34.84 trillion old Ghana cedis and external debt of 22.87 trillion old Ghana cedis. These looters are killing us softly. They accumulated all this debt within six years after all our debt has been forgiven. One of the reports from parliament indicated that the government has not been paying contractors. Those that they got kickbacks from have been paid. What a shame. Akuffo-Addo and the NPP party as a whole are not ethical at all. WE HAVE MORE FILA. JULOR KWAKWE….STAY TUNED…

Kickback scandal exposed by NPP National Chairman Haruna Esseku that President Kufuor has turned Ghana's seat of government into a den of thieves by collecting kickbacks from contractors such as Sonitra on the work it did on the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange. The NPP government has caused pandemonium by inflicting hardship on the good people of Ghana. The hardships are caused by prices having increased over 1000% in some cases since the NPP came to power.

It is very gloomy for a man like Akuffo- Addo who wants to govern a nation stands to make a horrific statement like, "I am not in this business to fill my pockets at the expense of the Ghanaian tax payer, I already have a little bit of money of my own." We hear these kinds on nonsense all the time yet; most corrupt officials are the elected ones. Most of the NPP Ministers are rogues and shenanigans. Akuffo-Addo is a chief rogue. When I hear Akuffo-Addo boasting of riches and fame, I go crazy. President Kufuor pretentiously driving in a 41-vehicle convoy during his trips around the country even president Bush doesn’t have that luxury. President Kufuor who is so scared and frightened of former President Rawlings that his entire national security and intelligence policy is directed at making life as uncomfortable as possible for the former President, to the extent of withdrawing from him his constitutionally guaranteed privileges forgetting he will also leave office, but Professor Atta-Mill will not witch-hunt, he will seek audience from Kufour when the need arises that is the difference between the NPP and the great party NDC. The NPP Government deciding to selectively prosecute NDC officials of yester year whilst ignoring more serious offences committed by NPP officials today. Professor Mills will not do that when he assume office January 2009. IT IS A PROMISE….

The NPP is a violent party at whose Akropong constituency meeting a member was murdered and whose MP for Tema East has alleged that he has been threatened with death by his own Party executives. Not forgetting what occurred at their congress. Hon. Adda also hires thugs to beat up an NPP fanatics whom he suspected having him having hand his dismissal.

Ladies and Gentlemen: let me remind you of the things that had happened and is like from generation to generation. Akuffo- Addo’s family trademark is abuse of power and corruption .The NPP Presidential candidate has been heard lately at various fora saying that if it were for fame and money, he and his family has it. It is true that they have money, but it is an illegal and blood money. The following bullets points will delineate some of the truths about the NPP Presidential candidate so sit tight and judge for yourselves.

His grandfather became the Okyehene and used his position illegally to educate his children and the family through amassing scholarships for his relatives which should have gone to ordinary Akyems.

His uncles became Ministers of State and looted the national treasury, everybody knows. They also contributed to destroy Nkrumah and every government that they’ve been part of. That is their stock in trade. Looting is their trademark. Everybody knows…


His uncle PAA WILLIE who escaped the hangman became an evangelist, I wish could ask him why.

Why could he not stand as Member of Parliament at Akwapim, only the Guan people feel the pain of his father’s action. Everybody knows…

His father looted the national treasury when he became the ceremonial president for that short period. COME AGAIN….

They amassed the property of those who fell victims of the alien’s compliance order. PEOPLE KNOW.

He through his association (CLANDESTINELY) with PNDC operatives benefited from huge contracts (WE HAVE THE DETAILS) whilst ‘CRUSADING’ against the government. WE KNOW TOO MUCH..

His brother was behind the printing of GHANA’S MONEY.THEY STOLE MORE OF IT. That is why he and President Kufour are not in good terms because they cannot expose themselves publicly. This is the secret. HE OUTSMARTED THE PRESIDENT! More details will be unveiled shortly…

The Francis Poku saga has more fireworks than can be acknowledged. Do you know about the technical details narrated in so called national security issues? MORE AGAIN. Candidate Akuffo-Addo for President? ANA SHEEGE. You are welcome. WE KNOW TOO MUCH…

He impregnated a little girl and told the girl to abort it. The details will come later. He is a male prostitute. PEOPLE KNOW…… YOU PEOPLE DE LIKE BRIBE TOO MUCH. THE NPP National Chairman Haruna Esseku caught on tape admitting that President Kufuor collects bribes in the Castle from contractors and distributes them in a non-transparent manner. STAY TUNED FOR MORE..

Recently when General Mosquito, the secretary general of the NDC questioned Akufo-Addo’s law degree, some people thought that Mosquito was being roguish. This man Akuffo-Addo is also lying about his credential…. What a shame.

Dr. Kumbuor of the NDC wrote to the then Speaker of Parliament, Peter Ala Adjetey, and asking Akufo-Addo to give details of his law degree. With the drug addiction, we have pictures of him sniffing cocaine in Nigeria. WE WILL POST IT ON THE WEB AT THE RIGHT TIME.

We will bring his drug rehab and HIV test results that he had in New York next time. Trust me we have the detail results. STAY TUNED…

Ladies and Gentlemen: these are some of the reasons why Ghanaians should not vote for NPP. They are looters and cheaters. He wanted to continue the looting where his father and the current administration will leave of. VOTE PROFESSOR ATTA-MILLS AND THE NDC FOR A BETTER GHANA. Stay tuned for more truths about Akuffo-Addo and the NPP and the reasons why they cannot be trusted. EYE ZU…..EYE ZAZAZA


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