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Business News of Thursday, 13 April 2017


Akpeteshie floods market

An addict  buying  Akpeteshie An addict buying Akpeteshie

Home brewed alcohol, popularly known as Akpeteshie, is the most patronised drink among the alcoholic beverages in the country, Weekend Today can confirm.

The drink, which is produced in Ghana by distilling palm wine or sugar cane juice, is enjoyed by many Ghanaians including the rich and the poor, young and old.

However, Weekend Today’s investigations revealed that no patron of the most popular drink ever gulp down akpeteshie and smiles afterwards.

Usually the body language of those who drink akpeteshie has been that of a scowl.

The drink is noted for its many acronyms such as, Kwapias, Lagatin, One Touch, Ogogloglo, Baptism Water, Ogya, Y2k, Agbaa, Yahoo.Com, Man Pass Man, Quick Action, VC10, Kasapreko, Kekabikyerewase, Yenfiita,Mmaa mpe hia, among others.

Strangely enough, some people who opted to share their experience with Weekend Today since becoming patrons of the drink, revealed that they acknowledge receipt of the drink by puffing out air or beating the chest.

Stephen Anokye, a consumer of akpeteshie at Odorkor Lorry Station in Accra, explained that the drink is so powerful that all senses are put under instantaneous attack the moment it enters one’s stomach.

He further explained that unlike other foreign gins, akpeteshie gives instant results and reactions.

At “Nso Nyame Ye” spot near Dansoman in Accra, Weekend Today observed that some patrons prefer drinking it secretly.

When asked, Nii Okai, another consumer of the drink, said: ‘Apio’ (short form of Akpeteshie), “is so completely disreputable that given the opportunity, we would want to consume secretly so that people will not see our reaction after taking it.”

He said in spite of the wrong perception people have about the drink, its popularity continues to rise.

Stephen Akorful, a patron of the akpeteshie at ‘Time Tells’ spot at Awoshie, Accra said with an active grassroots loyalty, consumption of the drink will not stop “since it is the most well-known alcoholic product in Ghana.”

“Without advertisement, we are still drinking it. It has survived over the years. Some drinks come but less than a year they fade out. This is home-grown, he told Weekend Today, amidst laughter.

According to him, the drink is cheap, and also stronger and better than most of the foreign drinks imported into the country with no side effects.

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