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Business News of Thursday, 18 August 2016

Source: Airtel Ghana

Airtel Ghana launches groundbreaking Airtel Quonect

Richard Adiase, Acting Head of Airtel Business speaking at the launch of Airtel Quonect

Airtel Ghana, through its industry leading Enterprise Solution sub-brand – Airtel Business – has launched a groundbreaking home solution dubbed Airtel Quonect to provide unparalleled Communication, Connectivity and Collaborative solutions for the modern home.

Launched at the plush Devtraco Avante Garde in Labone, Airtel Quonect is a Fibre-to-the home (FTTH) solution that provides a robust and super-speed internet access for home owners and developers across the country.

The product is unique in the sense that it combines four solutions in one – providing a better value preposition for home owners and property developers.

Speaking at the launch, Richard Adiase, Acting Head of Airtel Business, said “We are launching today a truly ground-breaking solution to enrich the lives of our customers and to transform every home into a smart home.

Airtel Quonect, the first of its kind in Ghana, is the consummate home solution providing Communication, Collaborative solutions, Entertainment and Security for homes.

Using Fibre connections, Airtel Quonect provides super-speed internet access to enable home owners and their families’ access their favourite TV series across all channels – be it through IPTV, YouTube, Netflix, Iroko TV etc.

Subscribers can also access their favourite social media channels, catch up with friends and family or get on video conferencing with their colleagues anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes”.

He continued “Airtel Quonect also comes with a fixed line and a voice package to enable subscribers connect with their neighbours, family and friends for those endless conversations.

In addition to this, this solution powers the security systems in the home and empowers customers to monitor their homes and assets, control motion detectors, fire alarms in real time all from their smart devices with an in-built mechanism to trigger a call to the security or emergency services in the likelihood of an emergency from anywhere in the world. What we have here is one solution to meet every conceivable need for the modern home”.

He concluded “At Airtel, we have been leading the telecom industry in data and digital innovation – innovating ahead of the market to bring the best experiences to our customers.

Airtel Quonect is one innovation that will truly transform the way our customers live. It gives them the control they deserve, enriches their lives and empowers them to fully realise their potential. We are excited to be leading in the home solution space”.

On his part, Eugene Birikorang, Sales and Marketing Manager of Devtraco Ghana, who have partnered with Airtel Business to deploy home solutions for their residential facilities said “We have over the years partnered Airtel Ghana to provide home solutions for our facilities and I must say it has been a true game-changer for home buyers. This latest innovation is set to add value to our properties and delight every home owner. To provide four of the essential services every home owner desires in one package is truly innovative and we are happy to be part of this initiative”.

Airtel Quonect transcends the provision of internet access to homes to provide a one-stop-shop solution to meet the lifestyle needs of customers and home owners.

Communication solutions

Airtel Quonect provides customers with unlimited access to fixed voice, dedicated internet, including indoor Wi-Fi for all their voice and internet needs. Customers can access teleconferencing or video conferencing, education and learning materials, social media access all from the comfort of their homes.

Collaborative solutions

The product offers collaborative solutions that powers real time connection with family members, friends and colleagues all over the world from the comfort of the subscriber’s home.


Airtel Quonect provides the family with unlimited access to their favourite entertainment channels and platforms such as IPTV, Netflix, Iroko TV, YouTube and unlimited access to streaming and downloading channels. It is set to transform entertainment with options for everyone in the family


With the increasing need to ensure people are safe and properties are secured, Airtel Quonect powers the security system in the home and places the security of the family, home and assets in the hands of subscribers. With this solution, customers can monitor their home every moment of every day, control access, set-up motion detectors, fire alarms and remotely trigger emergency response from anywhere in the world.

Airtel Business is the leading provider of Enterprise solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises, Internet Service Providers, Multinational Companies, Residential and recreational facilities. Providing cutting edge, end-to-end Communication, Connectivity and Collaborative solutions is the hallmark of Airtel Business.

Airtel is Ghana’s best Data and Internet Service Provider offering unparalleled solutions for individual and Enterprise customers.

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