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General News of Friday, 2 February 2018


A hilarious narration of how Dome Market fire was contained

Invoking curses on perpetrators of Wednesday evening’s inferno at the Dome market like most of his colleagues was not part of his options as he strongly believes negligence and mediocrity on the part of the Ghana National Fire Service was the reason the fire which began at one stall spread to the entire market and caused as much damage, leading to the loss of several properties.

An eyewitness, recounting his version of sequence of events as it occurred on the day of the incident said he was completely snubbed by personnel of the Fire Service despite frantic efforts on his part to contact them and bring their attention to the fire which at the time had just began.

After dialing the police digits he explained, the fire Service helpline was given to him after which he immediately called. He was however surprised when after packing his numerous properties to a nearby place for safety returned and not a single personnel from the fire service was present to deal with the situation.

“I work here, I sell phone accessories and repair phones, everyone knows me. I was here with another rasta man packing phones here when I heard a ‘boom’ sound, I told my friend that Dome Market was on fire and then I picked up my phone sharp! and dialed the Ghana police service numbers to take the helpline numbers of the Fire Service. Having called as a civilian, I expected that they had to prioritise and call the fire service, they however dialed the numbers for me as though I was collecting a lady’s number. I quickly took the number and called but still, the fire service team didn’t come. After I quickly packed my things and went to ‘Heavy Do’ only to return in an hours’ time and realise that no personnel from the fire service had come.
I came back with the assembly man by which time the fire hadn’t spread a lot and still there was not a single person from the Ghana fire service and the fire was spreading. If you are in Ghana it is only God who can protect you. I call you to get help and you are mentioning the number as though I’m asking for my girlfriend’s number. They gave it to me, I collected it and called, sent my things to safety and still nothing had been done about the fire when I came back. I speak the truth only, its only God who can protect you in this country”, he narrated.

The Dome Market in Accra Wednesday evening was gutted by fire destroying several properties of traders.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Ga East, Janet Mensah, following the fire has said she suspects foul play from some traders who were unhappy with a decision to prevent them from selling on pavements.

The fire is the fourth at the Dome Central Market, and the second in less than two months.
Watch the trader give his hilarious narration of events at the Dome Market on Wednesday evening: