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General News of Wednesday, 8 April 2020


5G network: Man was created to enjoy life and not to work - Chinery-Hesse

CEO of SoftTribe,  Herman Chinery-Hesse CEO of SoftTribe, Herman Chinery-Hesse

Herman Chinery-Hesse, the CEO of SoftTribe, has stated that God did not create man for man to toil before making ends meet but rather man was created to enjoy life to the fullest.

According to Chinery-Hesse, the introduction of the 5G system is to make man work easier and faster for man to be able to enjoy life and not to struggle.

“An average person didn’t come to work, we are lazy and it’s good. That’s why we pay for holidays. We were trained to work because we needed to work. If we get robots to do our work, and you and I are coming to work as a hobby because we are not needed,” he said in an interview on Good Evening Ghana.

He indicated further that with the 5G network, there would be the introduction of driverless cars that do not crash, unlike the manned vehicles that get involved in a series of accidents with some being preventable.

Quoting statistics to buttress his point, Chinery-Hesse explained that with a manned car, “every 10,000 miles driven worldwide, somebody dies” but “when we switch to driverless cars with the technology today, it’s 1 in 19 million miles... and it won't crash”.

He therefore admonished government(s) and other public institutions to go in for the fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication services that would offer a widespread, exponentially faster download and upload speeds than what's currently available on 4G.

Though Chinery-Hesse's point about the 5G was convincing, controversial comment about man not created to work flies in the face of common sense and the work ethic, as well as the teachings of many religions and the host should have made him clarify that but he did not.

For example, getting robots to work for human beings is a lot of work that human beings have to do and supervise. Again where do we sit in 5G controlled vehicles to if we are not going to work to finance our lifestyle?

The lack of rigour in interviews by Ghanaian has been observed by many as the bane to our development because leaders can thereby get away with anything they say without having to get checked by journalists who are privileged to interview them on behalf of the general public.

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