Music of Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Odiefour Daniel

Odiefour Daniel has been known on the hiplife scene for about five years with a group called Double Dee, people that have seen him perform on stage will know exactly what kind of an artiste he is.

He has been all over the world with Double Dee including Toronto, New York, London, South Africa and many other countries, Odiefour is in the studio recording his solo album "Gyina Ho Gye" we got caught up with Odiefour to discuss more about him, his project and why he decided to go solo.

G: Who are you Odiefour Daniel?
Odiefour: Am an African blooded child from the land of Ghana.

G: How did this music thing started for you.
Odiefour: It all started when i was a boy I used to sing and rap along American rap even though I did not understand the words my mother used to say there was something special about me, I guess she was right.

G: Where were you born and what is your background?
Odiefour: I was born and raised in Takoradi so am from Taadi, my mother is Fante from
the central region and my father is from Aboabugya in the Asante Region.

G: Which school did you attend?
Odiefour: I started my early years at Air Force Complex Primary School, and continued at Amix Road Key Primary school, I had my first year of
JSS education at Perry Hayford.

G: How many tracks will it be on your album?
Odiefour: I have eight tracks on the cassette and ten on the cd.

G: What is your favourite song on the album?
Odiefour: The song I like most on the album is called "Whan Nie" mostly because the song was never written Big Oj called me to the studio
and as soon as I got there I fell in love with the beat, I started rapping and before I new it a song has been recorded in about 15 minutes.

G: Who did the mixing and the engineering work on the album?
Odiefour: Well most of them were done by Mr. Producer (Big Oj), this album is going to be big so fell like I have to give him the chance to
show his talent behind the mixer.

G: When is the album coming out?
Odiefour: 2006 around September so look out for the promo.

G: who is the Producer?
Odiefour: Right now is Koastal family Ent and W.A.R Records am working with we are also looking for a third label to help bring this album out because promo in Ghana is a lot of money you know.

G: Did you feature any artist on this album?
Odiefour: I featured Bandana, Mezaya and D-west.

G: Why did you name the album Gyina Ho Gye"?
Odiefour: Ohh man! In modern Ghana we have too many single mothers and most of them are teenagers and "Gyina Ho Gye" is telling the
boy friends or the husbands to take their responsibility.

G: Did anybody in the hiplife industry inspired you in any way?
Odiefour: A lot of people Reggie Rockstone, Obrafour and so many other more i cant even name right now.

G: Is there any other hiplife artist in Toronto trying to come on the scene?
Odiefour: Apart from the W. A. R. Records team (C.I.D, Big Oj, Juice Lee), Genesis and Ahenfomaa I dont really know any other artiste.

G: Is there any form of rat race between you and any artist?
Odiefour: Am afraid yes, most of them are hating on me and my team because am a bright star in their eye, but that will never stop my engine.

G: What are your plans for the future?
Odiefour: I plan to doing music as long as am alive and breathing, I love music more than anything I also want to focus on my label
Koasta Family Ent.

G: Last words about hiplife?
Odiefour: Eat hiplife, breath hiplife, live hiplife because it's here to stay for ever haaahaa (laughing).