Music of Thursday, 3 November 2005


From Nowhere Come Willie & Mike

“Out from nowhere” is an expression that is often used to describe surprise artistes who shoot towards the skies with their very first product.

Willie and Mike are two young men who fit the expression perfectly. Not much is known about them besides the fact that they are based in Kumasi and that Stephen Asiedu produced their first album thanks to information on their cassette in-lay card.

That is all, but don’t they demonstrate talent! Their album is titled Me Mpene, a compilation of eight songs all of which were arranged and composed by the two, Williams Asamoah and Michael Adomako except two songs, which were written and arranged by Agnes Opoku Agyemang.

Williams and Mike take the lead vocals while Monica Adjei backs them. The title song Me Mpene is a straight highlife, which takes off with keyboard and drums accompaniment.

Williams starts the song on a very strong and powerful voice and is later joined by Mike in alto and Monica in high tenor.

Together they encourage Christians to have faith in God because nobody can prevent God from fulfilling His promises.

There is interplay of booming sounds of the drums, lead guitar and the keyboard and one can hardly sit when one listens to the song.

To thank God for remembering them and making them “somebodies” the two sing Awurade Me Nso. They start on a duet and are joined in the high tenor. A break in instrumentation adds a new trend to the flow of the song.

Osoro Hene begins with the wonderful melodic blend of Williams and Mike’s voices. Williams makes the call and Mike and Monica join him in the chorus.

Williams sings about God’s majesty that cannot be compared to any other king here on earth and call on God to accept his praise and worship.

The beautiful sounds from the bass guitar, keyboard and drums can’t be resisted and makes the song very danceable.
Williams sermonises the unconditional love that brought Christ from His glorious throne to die for their sins, in Yesu Do.

In Otumfo, Williams proclaims the omnipotence of God and also sings His adoration. It is a worship song and is characteristically slow and prayerful.

The last but one song, Onyame So Me Mu is a worship song which is particularly slow but very powerful and shows off the quality of Williams’ voice.

It takes off with keyboard and trumpet accompaniment. The two singing together in treble and alto gives the song a harmonic mix.

This is also very prayerful. Awurade Me Mawoamo is the final song on the cassette. It is a thanksgiving song, which takes off with keyboard, trumpet and bass guitar.

Williams goes into a little sermonising before moving fully into their message. They give thanks to God for His faithfulness and delivering them from the snare of the fowler. It is a worship song and very inspirational.