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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Source: Philip A. Bannor,

Merry Christmas-Bannor, Candidate for Chairman, NPP-USA

I can't believe it is the end of the year already, and the Holiday season is upon us. Like most of you, we give thanks to God for His blessings, and for keeping everyone safe. As we reflect upon the many events of the year, many Ghanaians are still reeling from the supreme court petition decision, which exposed many errors in the electoral system. The overseas register of 500 names was embarrassingly "quoted" by the Electoral commission as 241,000, How the EC missed the large scale of error, remains totally unexplained even today. We know very well who won the election, but the Atuguba's court ignored the overwhelming petitioner's evidence, bowing to outside political pressure to reach different conclusion. Since the Vicki Leak tapes, the committee set up to investigate "outside influence" is stripped off its subpoena power to oblige the witness to appear before it. Whew. Is this Nkrumah's and Danquah's Ghana? I am afraid to note that, if caution is not taken, future Ghanaians will blame the current generation for the beginning of "complete 419-nization" of our political and judicial systems. I pray I'm wrong.

Since the fateful decision, the economic conditions in Ghana have deteriorated. We have witnessed high tariffs on basic services as telephone calls, inadequate water supply, and erratic electricity distribution in-spite of reported Bui Dam commissioning. Ghanaians are subjected to back-breaking taxes and new fees on variety of food items, to sky-high fuel prices. Inflation is in double digits, and the Gh Cedi continues to decline in value. The Mahama government has slashed educational grants, and many high school students have to pay for electricity and water among a sundry of new fees. The once touted educational support for teacher-trainees have been curtailed, jeopardizing the future prospects of our youth.

Many civil servants have gone for nearly 2 years without a month of paycheck. Many workers have embarked upon industrial actions. New words have entered the Ghanaian lexicon; GYEEDA, AKONFEN SOCIALISM, ISOFOTON, SADA, WAYOME, among others, underscoring massive government corruption at alarmingly, unprecedented scale. The government has been unable and or unwilling to prosecute culpable individuals to retrieve huge sums of money.

Ghanaians collectively and understandably, are looking for an alternative leadership for the many crises confronting the nation. The NPP given the proven track record of sustained economic growth, and massive investments in transportation and national health care (through NHIS), can undeniably, meet the many economic challenges our nation is grappling with today. Our commitment to free education (at SHS level), and expressed desire for electoral and constitutional reforms are the needed political changes many Ghanaians are seeking during this Holiday season. We have vast natural and human resources to tap to rebuild our nation. We can do better. We need new leadership.

Let us pray during this Christmas holiday season for God's guidance for our Nation and its leaders, pray for Peace among ALL Ghanaians, and pray for increased resolve to effect the change we need.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Adehyeman Afienhyia pa. Long live Ghana.

Philip A. Bannor, MD Candidate for Chairman, NPP-USA, Inc.,

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