Music of Tuesday, 18 March 2008


The richest hiplife musician (Part II)

This is the continuation of last week’s topic on the Richest Hiplife artist. This week we are going to look at the assets, investment, cars and others which qualify them to be called rich…. Fortune, they say has long conferred fame and popularity on those who work for it. So our recent obsession with the “who is wealthy” has spawned a new generation of musicians who doesn’t want  what has befallen their  predecessors to occur to them, therefore have been careful about how they lived their lives.

These are local musicians called Hiplifers who have achieved so much as far as the genre is concerned yet they are poverty stricken, can not afford a square meal a day because there were no proper mechanism to cross-check how many sales they make, who contributed to their intellectual input and who collects them on their behalf and the social economic situation confronting the average Ghanaian are some of the factors mitigating against their progress.

So folks, who is the hottest richest Hiplife artistes among the pack? This week we are picking relatively known artistes who are doing well as far as their vocation is concerned. These are people who have made it through the hard way even though none seems to be hurting financially at least by our own standard. Don’t be fascinated about anything about the tabulations below it doesn’t necessary follow any particular order, just pick on your choice. Now:

REGINALD OSSEI ASANTE (REGGIE ROCKSTONE), a family man with two children a daughter and a son, referred to as the Godfather of Hiplife. He was the brain behind the genre and inspirer of the youth. He started from America where he was residing in 1994. He has three albums to his credit and a couple of collaborations with both local and foreign artistes. He has won several awards from Ghana Music Awards to KORA Awards. Living conformable and taking care of his father’s property and his own acquired properties, he drives.

BRICE OSEI KUFFOUR (OBOUR), “Ne ho ye huu huuhu”, came to the limelight with his blockbuster album called Atentenben with about 4 albums to his credit, a graduate of University of Ghana and a proud winner of 5-awards during 2004 Ghana Music Awards, and the only Hiplifer whose album wins “something” in music awards be it the song or the video.  Obour is currently worth about one billion old currency in investments in building, cars (Golf 3 and 4) Mercedes 200 and American made mercury caravan pick up.

SIDNEY KOFI OPPONG OFORI (OBARIMA SIDNEY), the Hiplife Ninja who lost his mum recently is a veteran in the Hiplife scene with about 8 albums to his credit, he is worth millions in land development, a car and living good.

KWAME ASARE, (A-PLUS), a controversial Hiplifer with 4 albums to his credit and the first ever to blend politics with Hiplife music. He drives Audi 4 and VW Passat, having his own house at Reggie Emmanuel Estate.

AKYEAME is made up of two great friends Okyeame Quophy and Quame respectively. After the release of their hit album MASANABA which won them …they left for USA and return, only to split and went solo with the names Okyeame Quophy and Okyeame Quame. For now they own their individual solo albums and living good. Quophy christened Daniel Amoateng is a successful radio and TV presenter at Hot Fm 93.8 fm and TV Africa respectively, owns a recording studio, drives a 4-runner car and a host of assets and investment.

Okyeame Quame also known as Kwami Nsiah Apao still at school at the University drives Golf 3 convertible and ASET 2005 model. He has almost completed his building project at Silicon hotel near KNUST, Chief executive of One-Mic Entertainment producing his brothers and his latest album in addition to studio equipments for video and films.

THEOPHILUS TAGOE (CASTRO), currently the nation’s showstopper with abundant talents. He has three albums to his credit with 2-Awards from Ghana Music Awards 2004 and Ghana Music Awards-UK in 2004 and 2007, and The New African Act, Black African Music Awards Benin. He drives Honda 4-wheel drive and Citroen, a piece of land, live comfortable in self-contained storey building and has invested in treasury bills…to be continued.