Music of Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Bizzibee here to motivate through mix tapes

Upcoming hip hop artiste, Bizzibee has been active in the hip hop community since he left the shores of West Africa, Ghana some years back and headed for the U.S. For the past years he has been recording music all along.

Bizzibee, who now rhymes mostly in English, is yet to release his first album. His hard-hitting style and brash lyrics are often infused with poems that speak about important issues.

When I asked Bizzibee what influenced his style and the direction of his music he has taken, he admitted that his music is maturing with time. Like many youth, his first attraction to hip hop was to the music’s glittery side.

Ghana had a chit chat with Bizzibee recently to talk about his career and his views on African artistes doing mix tapes.

Ghana So what’s the name?

Bizzibee: The name is Bizzibee.

Ghana Tell me about yourself?

Bizzibee: My name is Bismark Gyimah who was born in Ghana to Comfort Dwomoh and Yaw Mensah Boansi. I came to USA in my teens.  I used to live in Darkuman but now I reside in Bronx attending Buffalo State College. My two friends and school mates, Peter Anthony aka Napirah (a Kenyan) APIRAH) and Zack Woods aka Z-Dubz (a white dude) always bless my mixtape with their lines of raps.

Ghana What makes you think people will listen to your mix tapes?

Bizzibee: Because my style is different and I work with different cultures. The beats are easy to listen to and I talk from my heart. I also talk about what goes around me, my music is poetry itself. I talk about life and the pains we go through everyday.

Ghana What’s surprises are you bringing?

Bizzibee: Am here to give motivational messages to those who are heart broken and those who think they can’t make it through in life through my songs. And also to motivate the young ones to stand up tall and not to give up hope.

Ghana Why are you rapping in Twi and English?

Bizzibee: (Hahha).  Actually, my friends told me to rap in Twi for them because they want to learn the language. Besides am Ghanaian so I don’t want to throw my culture away, I represent Ghana every where I go.

Ghana How many songs are you guys gonna put on the album?

Bizzibee: For now all my songs are mix tape and will be available for free for people to listen so that when my album drops they will know the type of information am about to portray. Am currently looking for a producer, so all the producers out there check me out soon because I have a lot of songs am writing including Twi songs too.

Ghana Why did you join the musical train?

Bizzibee: I joined the music train because my mother is a singing band leader in church and I have music in me. And I write poems too.

Ghana Tell me after you drop your album, why should I go and buy one?

Bizzibee: I want you to listen to the mix tape now so when the album drops you will understand the information am bringing to the public because it is thoughtful and is for old and young ones.

Ghana What makes your music differ from other hiphop/hiplife heads?

Bizzibee: My music gives you a lot to think about.

Ghana Finally what should hiplife/hiphop fans expect of you soon?

Bizzibee: Hiphop/hiplife should be ready for a different form of music because both hiphop and hiplife is dying, so am bringing the old and blending it with the new. And am bringing common sense to the public.