Music of Thursday, 12 October 2006


A Touch Of Manifestation

Undeniably, Manifestations is a humble but bold exploration into Hip Hop by a young Ghanaian, who has managed to lace it with Ghanaian/African themes and subjects while drawing attention to problems that continue to plague the world.

M.anifest, who is noted for side-splitting performances, has put together a cocktail of tracks that sparkle with hints of successful experiments and explorations.

As track after track unfold, the listener is subtly invited to the dancing floor.

Titled ?Gentleman?, track four expresses the stars pride for being an African. With cool and rhyming lyrics and raps , the piece reminds one of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti as it urgently calls for a return to our roots.

?Africa Represent? (track 8) questions who represents Africa in the current scheme of world politics. ?Represent who - represent what?, he questions, as he laments the plight of Africa amidst a cacophony of melodious rhythms and backing vocals.

?Set Me Free? (track 9) opens with a brief conversation. It appears to be a desperate call from a man looking for freedom from mental enslavement.

Cool beats accompany this track, which appears to take the form of a griot. Currently in Accra for a couple of concerts, M.anifest together with his close friend Evil Twin formed a Hip Hop group known as Rebel Camp in 1998.

They joined hands once again when they moved to the US and have been performing together in night clubs, concert halls and theatres.

The duo have been largely successful in the US owing to the large population of African immigrants in the city of Minneapolis, where they moved in 2001.

They are currently working on fusing traditional Ghanaian rhythms with Hip Hop. M.anifest is scheduled to perform at a music concert dubbed Casablanca II.

Organised by Prime Entertainment, the show will take place at the seaside town of Korobite (Ga district) during the Christmas festivities.