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Flash floods cause chaos in southern Sweden
The Skåne region of southern Sweden was hit suddenly by extreme rains on Sunday morning, with houses flooded, buses evacuated, and people having to swim to safety from their cars.
(2014-08-31 10:17:00)

Fit-again Ibrahimovic set for PSG return
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is set to make his comeback for Paris Saint-Germain against Saint-Etienne in Ligue 1 on Sunday after two weeks on the sidelines with an abdominal muscle injury.
(2014-08-31 09:33:29)

Military raises readiness level over Ukraine
The Swedish military said Saturday it had increased intelligence gathering and called in extra staff to its headquarters over the crisis in Ukraine, as the prime minister compared Russia's current behaviour with the Cold War.
(2014-08-31 09:29:00)

Police injured in anti-Nazi protest in Stockholm
Swedish police said three officers were injured Saturday as they faced a crowd of thousands protesting against a neo-Nazi rally in central Stockholm.
(2014-08-31 09:22:00)

Boy receives cancer vaccine by mistake
A boy scheduled to be vaccinated against mumps, measles, and rubella instead received a vaccine against cervical cancer. His family has now reported the blunder for inspection.
(2014-08-30 10:37:00)

Sweden grants additional funds to jobs agency
The Swedish government has announced that it will increase funding to the jobs agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) in 2015, primarily to cover personnel costs but also to prevent long-term unemployment.
(2014-08-30 10:24:00)

Police 'powerless' against street racers
Stockholm police said they were powerless to react when streetracers took over at "insane speeds" on a large highway on Friday night.
(2014-08-30 10:05:00)

Saab carmaker wins receivership
After initial rejection, a Chinese-owned company set up to take over Saab's assets after the troubled Swedish carmaker's bankruptcy said on Friday it had succeeded in being placed in receivership.
(2014-08-30 09:17:00)

Woman suffers cardiac arrest while giving birth
A 30-year-old woman went into cardiac arrest while giving birth at a Stockholm clinic - without hospital staff noticing that anything was wrong. She remains in a critical condition on Friday.
(2014-08-29 15:36:00)

History repeats for Malmö fifty years later
Malmö's entry into the Champions League serves as a reminder of times gone by in European football. With Spain's champions bound for Sweden things just couldn't be better, writes contributor Lee Roden.
(2014-08-29 15:28:00)

Löfven promises jobs to 50,000 young Swedes
Social Democrat party leader Stefan Löfven announced on Friday his "most important election promise", a 90-day job guarantee programme for young Swedes.
(2014-08-29 15:00:00)

Sweden to buy fighter jets despite Swiss pullout
Sweden said Friday it would go ahead with the purchase of a new generation of Saab Gripen fighter jets, despite Switzerland pulling out of a major co-financing deal.
(2014-08-29 14:11:00)

Three hurt after northern knife attack
Three people are in hospital after they were stabbed during what police suspect was a gang-related attack in Umeå.
(2014-08-29 12:37:00)

Stockholm 'thief' turns out to be trainee ninja
Stockholm police rushed to the scene when a worried Swede reported that their neighbours were the victim of a break-in - but when officers arrived, they found nothing but a ninja in the middle of practice.
(2014-08-29 11:35:00)

Liberals hint at bringing back conscription
With Russia becoming "all the more aggressive", the Liberal Party leader and education minister, Jan Björklund, has suggested that Sweden may have to reintroduce conscription.
(2014-08-29 09:43:00)

Swede mauled in bear hunt gone wrong
Roles were reversed in a bear hunt on Thursday night, when a Swedish hunter was attacked by his prey, leaving the man in hospital in a serious condition.
(2014-08-29 09:24:00)

How immigration became a key election issue
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt sparked a furore with recent comments that put rising refugee costs in focus before the elections. But why did he bring it up, and will it affect the outcome?
(2014-08-29 08:51:00)

Saab carmaker fails in bid for receivership
A Swedish court has rejected a request from the Chinese-owned automaker NEVS, which owns the financially-troubled Swedish brand Saab, to be placed in receivership until it could attract new financing.
(2014-08-29 08:50:00)

Sweden's highest peak to lose title next year
Mount Kebnekaise's southern peak will no longer be the highest point in Sweden by 2015, researchers predicted on Thursday, adding that the change will spell a major blow for tourism in the region.
(2014-08-28 17:14:00)

Gothenburg preschools end school photography
Preschool managers in Gothenburg have decided to ban class photos at preschools in their municipality, citing the different financial situations of families as one reason for the change.
(2014-08-28 16:39:00)