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Sweden announces date for new bank notes
In autumn next year, Swedes will experience the biggest switch in bank notes and coins that the country has ever seen, a move that will include a brand new 200 kronor note and two kronor coin.
(2014-12-29 15:02:00)

Imam says Islamophobia to blame for mosque fire
UPDATED: Police suspect a mosque in southern Sweden was deliberately torched on Monday, with a local imam blaming rising Islamophobia in the region.
(2014-12-29 12:49:00)

Expat pianist seeks key to Sweden's music scene
For this week's My Swedish Career, Mimmi Nilsson meets Ho Wan Jeremy Leung, a British-Chinese pianist and music teacher based in southern Sweden. Rediscovering his passion for music, he hopes to pass on his enjoyment of playing the piano to others.
(2014-12-29 11:46:00)

Sweden adds 40 new words to dictionary
The word wizards at the Swedish Language Council have announced that 40 words have been added to the Swedish dictionary to explain new phenomena from taking snaps with celebrities to giving away TV show plots.
(2014-12-29 10:50:00)

Major rail delays as Swedes return to work
Hundreds of commuters in Stockholm and southern Sweden were facing delays during the first rush hour since Christmas, after a signal failure north of Norrköping.
(2014-12-29 08:24:00)

Swedish ski season slides into action
Many snowboarders and skiers are strapping on their boots for the first time this winter, as slopes start to open in the south and west of the country.
(2014-12-29 06:09:00)

Sweden's Christmas goat survives holidays
The infamous Christmas goat in Gävle has beaten off the arsonists and made it through the holiday season for the first time in years, with its spokesperson telling The Local that the goat is now set for China.
(2014-12-28 17:49:00)

Swede among those on burning Italian ferry
A Swede is believed to be among the near 500 passengers battling for survival onboard an Italian ferry which caught fire off the Greek island of Corfu on Sunday.
(2014-12-28 16:46:00)

No breakthrough for police after mosque fire
Police in central Sweden have yet to make any arrests following a fire at a mosque on Christmas Day, which left several people hurt.
(2014-12-28 12:10:00)

'Sweden can't avoid immigration debate'
Sweden may have narrowly avoided snap elections that would have been dominated by a debate on immigration, but with asylum seekers arriving in record numbers the issue is unlikely to stay off the agenda for long, analysts say.
(2014-12-28 08:21:00)

Sweden Democrats blast March election U-turn
The acting party leader of the Sweden Democrats has hit out at Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the centre-right Alliance parties for backing out of next year's planned election, and stated that his nationalist party is now the main opposition as a result.
(2014-12-27 13:48:00)

Sweden cancels snap election in March 2015
Sweden's government has abandoned plans to hold a snap election in March 2015, after crisis talks between Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the country's four centre-right parties known as the Alliance.
(2014-12-27 09:29:00)

Swedes rally against mosque arson attack
Hundreds of Swedes took to the streets on Friday to denounce an arson attack on a mosque that injured five people, with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven branding the attack as "hateful violence."
(2014-12-27 08:16:00)

High chance of Northern Lights in Sweden skies
A particularly active sun alongside clear cold nights has dramatically raised the chances of experiencing the Northern Lights in Swedish skies in 2015.
(2014-12-26 17:20:00)

Swedes in Thai tsunami remembrance events
The Swedish embassy and Swedish Church has organized a ceremony on the beach at Khao Lak in Thailand on Friday in remembrance of the devastating 2004 tsunami which claimed almost 228,000 lives, including over 500 Swedes.
(2014-12-26 09:26:00)

Five hurt in mosque arson attack
An arsonist set fire to a mosque in central Sweden on Thursday injuring five people, police said, in the latest of a spate of attacks targeting Muslims.
(2014-12-26 08:52:00)

Fast wifi tops Swedes' holiday wish list
Nice views are all well and good but the item that Swedes prioritize above all when kicking back on holiday is the speed of their wifi connection, a new survey has shown.
(2014-12-25 17:24:59)

Princess Madeleine plans Europe move
Sweden's Princess Madeleine has said that she and her husband Chris O'Neil plan to soon leave the US and move to Europe as the couple await their second child.
(2014-12-25 09:00:00)

Teenager arrested over Malmö bomb
A 15-year-old has been arrested after a series of new explosions rocked the Malmö suburb of Rosengård on Christmas Eve.
(2014-12-25 08:10:00)

Sweden's legal elite take ice bucket challenge
A group of some of Sweden's top prosecutors, police officers and legal powerbrokers have joined the legions of people worldwide and subjected themselves to an icy shower to promote awareness of ALS.
(2014-12-24 17:30:00)