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Beautiful pearls of southeast Sweden
Ask a Swede, and they are likely to say that their favourite holiday spot is in the southeast of Sweden. Eastern Småland and Öland offer a smörgåsbord of all the things dearest to the Swedes - from the beloved children's book author Astrid Lindgren to deep forests, long sandy beaches, perfect spots for that all-important 'fika', and a surprising amount of space, peace and quiet.
(2014-04-23 12:17:00)

Weekend weather to bring summer warmth
The sun is set to stick around and temperatures could climb into the twenties over the weekend, Swedish meteorologists said on Wednesday
(2014-04-23 12:02:00)

Swedish heroes save German mauled by shark
Three Swedish men have been hailed as heroes after they dragged a shark attack victim from bloodied waters in Florida.
(2014-04-23 10:36:00)

Swedes open coffin of 850-year-old king
Swedish historians spent Wednesday morning readying for a high-profile exhumation. King Erik the Holy died 854 years ago, but scientists just unveiled his skull at Uppsala Cathedral.
(2014-04-23 10:18:00)

'Day-care rapist' admits molesting eight kids
A 21-year-old man confessed on Wednesday to sex crimes against eight children at a day care where he was working as an intern.
(2014-04-23 09:45:00)

Swedish cops nab man for having big muscles
Police in Sweden's south who hauled a muscular man in for steroid testing have had their knuckles rapped, after it was ruled that big biceps cannot be grounds for narcotics suspicions.
(2014-04-23 08:57:00)

Swedish girls report more eating problems
A youth wellbeing report from Save the Children found that more teenage girls than in previous surveys reported having an eating disorder.
(2014-04-23 08:46:00)

'Zlatan will be back for finals': PSG coach
Paris Saint-Germain coach Laurent Blanc said on Tuesday that he believed Swedish goal machine Zlatan Ibrahimovic will play again before the end of the season.
(2014-04-23 07:47:00)

India flexes its food, film, and finance muscles
India Unlimited, the ambitious programme to showcase the potential for further ties between India and Sweden, on Thursday enters a week for foodies and film buffs, while Scania leads the charge for business seminars during "India+Sweden Week" from April 22nd-28th.
(2014-04-22 20:28:00)

Swede fined for flashing birdwatcher from tower
A Swedish man was fined on Tuesday after subjecting a birdwatching woman to an explicit sight she had not expected.
(2014-04-22 17:11:00)

Two-year average wait for rental homes in Sweden
Anyone hoping for a one-room apartment in Sweden will have to wait an average of 2.5 years, but the wait is far worse in Stockholm, new statistics showed on Tuesday.
(2014-04-22 16:20:00)

Swedish underwear shop puts staff in bras
Swedish lingerie mongers Lindex have taken the top crop of its staff off the floor and put them before the camera instead for its latest campaign.
(2014-04-22 13:47:00)

Swedish military 'won't help ex-translators'
The Swedish armed forces will not be held responsible for Afghan interpreters who are no longer in the employ of its Isaf troops, it was reported on Tuesday.
(2014-04-22 11:52:00)

'Let Swedish soldiers cull boars with AK 4s'
Swedish soldiers with automatic weapons should be let loose on the wild boars in southern Sweden, a member of the national home guard has suggested. One local landowner explains to The Local how it could save the south's golf courses.
(2014-04-22 11:41:00)

In Pictures: The Local's Property of the Week
A five-bedroom home with herringbone wood flooring and beautiful cornicing will make you the envy of the neighbourhood in Täby, northern Stockholm. Take a look inside our Property of the Week.
(2014-04-22 11:12:00)

High pollen levels mar Swedish spring
After a sunny long weekend, birch pollen is set to blight allergy sufferers' return to work on Tuesday, as pollen levels reached above 1,000 particles per cubic metre.
(2014-04-22 09:39:00)

Sweden to beef up air force to counter Russia
Sweden's centre-right government coalition announced plans on Tuesday to pump more funds into the military if the four parties win the September elections, with an emphasis on more fighter jets and submarines.
(2014-04-22 08:15:00)

Swedish basketballer wins NBA defensive nod
Chicago Bulls centre Joakim Noah was awarded the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year on Monday, the first Bull to claim the award since Michael Jordan in the eighties.
(2014-04-22 07:50:00)

Two brothers shot dead in family brawl: police
UPDATED: Two brothers were killed on Monday night in a brawl that police have described as a "family dispute". Up to 40 people were involved in the fight, and police have arrested five people so far.
(2014-04-22 07:31:00)

Eco-conscious Swedes in hen house trend
Fresh eggs from the hen house at the bottom of the garden is the latest eco-friendly fad being pursued by Swedish urbanites ready to run the risk of a little neighbourhood friction to keep their Saturday pancakes organic.
(2014-04-21 11:32:00)