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Race to be scrapped from Swedish legislation
The Swedish government announced that it plans to remove all mentions of race from Swedish legislation, saying that race is a social construct which should not be encouraged in law.
(2014-07-31 17:22:00)

US aircraft 'violates' Swedish airspace
A mystery airplane that passed over Swedish airspace recently has been revealed as an American aircraft, sources revealed on Thursday.
(2014-07-31 14:57:00)

Elite schools stripped of 'special' privileges
Sweden's three elite boarding schools can no longer charge tuition fees, the government announced on Thursday, in a string of changes following a two-year review.
(2014-07-31 11:40:00)

Bildt lays out four steps to Gaza peace
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt stated that there are four steps to achieving peace in Gaza, and that it begins with removing the blockade - which has "played into Hamas' hands".
(2014-07-31 10:26:00)

Malmström snags EU commissioner post again
Cecilia Malmström has been nominated to be the European Commissioner for another five years, Sweden's prime minister announced on Thursday.
(2014-07-31 10:14:00)

In Pictures: Stockholm's Historic Pride Party
With Stockholm's Pride Week in full swing, The Local's Rebecca Jacobs heads on down to the traditional Historic Party to take in the colours, Conchita, and the community.
(2014-07-31 10:13:00)

Two to hospital after Stockholm fire
Two people were taken to hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning after a fire began in their central Stockholm apartment.
(2014-07-31 08:46:00)

Salmonella prompts Coop hamburger recall
Swedish supermarket chain Coop has recalled its in-store brand of fresh hamburger meat after a routine check revealed traces of salmonella in the meat.
(2014-07-31 08:45:00)

Sweden resumes aid to 'anti-gay Uganda'
Sweden has resumed sending development aid funds to Uganda, after suspending payouts back in March due to "anti-gay legislation".
(2014-07-30 16:28:00)

Top ten coffee spots in central Stockholm
If you're wondering where to grab your next cappucino, then wonder no more. The Local talked to the locals in Stockholm and found out the best spots in town for the ultimate fika experience.
(2014-07-30 16:18:00)

Swedish neo-Nazis join fight in Ukraine
Four Swedes are fighting with the Ukrainian task force Azov - a squad which flies a flag with Nazi symbols and, according to one Swedish soldier, fights for "a white Ukraine".
(2014-07-30 15:57:00)

Swedish elk get one-way ticket to Denmark
Up to a dozen elk will be transported from Sweden to Denmark in an effort to help maintain local marshlands.
(2014-07-30 15:20:00)

Sweden worst in EU at getting foreigners jobs
UPDATED: Swedish citizens are the most likely to be employed in the EU, but Sweden is among the very worst when it comes to getting non-EU citizens into work.
(2014-07-30 11:32:00)

Man arrested for burning partner's face
Police suspect that a man in western Sweden is responsible for the extreme burns on his partner's face. The man has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault - and potentially attempted murder.
(2014-07-30 11:27:00)

In Pictures: Conchita Wurst in Stockholm
Eurovision winner and LGBTQ idol Conchita Wurst is in Stockholm this week for Stockholm Pride - and joined Swedes at Skansen for a colourful summer sing-along.
(2014-07-30 10:45:00)

Stockholm holds colour contest for new metro
Stockholm's new metro line is not set for preliminary construction until 2016, and will not be completed until 2022 - but Swedes already have the chance to vote for the new line's colour.
(2014-07-30 09:36:00)

Sweden's heat wave officially over
The heat wave that swept over Sweden recently has finally passed, meteorologists reported on Wednesday, promising cooler and more autumnal temperatures around the corner.
(2014-07-30 09:26:00)

Ukraine rebels release kidnapped Swede
The Swede who was kidnapped by pro-Russian rebels has been released after nearly three weeks of being held hostage - although no one knows where he is now.
(2014-07-30 07:58:53)

Stockholm Pride bars Sweden Democrats
While a record number of ministers and party leaders will participate in the Stockholm Pride Parade this year, there are notable exceptions - including SD leader Jimmie Åkesson, who is not only 'uninterested' but banned.
(2014-07-29 16:05:00)

Gender neutral 'hen' enters dictionary
The ever-controversial pronoun 'hen' has won its battle and is set to officially become part of the Swedish language.
(2014-07-29 15:40:00)