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The Local

Live Blog: West Coast lobster season begins
The Local's Oliver Gee reports live as he joins fishermen on Sweden's west coast seeking the first lobster catch of 2014.
(2014-09-23 07:37:00)

Swedish teenagers abused on Secret app
Swedish police are struggling to know what to do with a new batch of criminal reports filed by teenagers upset about a controversial app that allows users to post comments and pictures anonymously.
(2014-09-22 17:23:08)

US runaway banned from name change in Sweden
A US airman who deserted from the military three decades ago and moved to Sweden has failed in his bid to get his old name back, because a Swedish court says he can’t prove his identity.
(2014-09-22 15:56:00)

Rain causes power cuts across east Sweden
Heavy rain and wind have left thousands without electricity in eastern Sweden, with ferries also disrupted by the storm.
(2014-09-22 15:21:00)

Sweden's benefit agency website still down
UPDATED: Sweden's Social Insurance Agency website was out of action again on Tuesday, despite officials suggesting that technical faults that emerged on Monday would be fixed by the morning.
(2014-09-22 15:04:00)

Plucked out of Canada for love and guitars
For this week's My Swedish Career we meet a Canadian who came to Sweden for love and now works in Lidköping, custom-making guitars.
(2014-09-22 11:26:00)

Swedish man beats bus in video challenge
UPDATED: A Swedish runner who filmed himself beating his bus in Sundbyberg in north west Stockholm over the weekend is now planning to a similar challenge on the capital's Metro system.
(2014-09-22 09:35:00)

Flood and high wind warning in east Sweden
After heavy rain broke off the September sunshine in eastern Sweden on Sunday, forecasters warn more bad weather is on the way.
(2014-09-22 09:11:00)

World car record on Malmö bridge
The longest electric car parade on a bridge between two countries was formed on the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark on Sunday, with environmental campaigners breaking several other world records in the process.
(2014-09-22 08:40:00)

Two hurt in Helsingborg ferry crash
UPDATED: A ferry crashed into a pier in the port of Helsingborg in southern Sweden on Sunday night, with two people taken to hospital following the collision.
(2014-09-22 08:29:00)

Budget headache for new coalition partners
UPDATED: The Social Democrats have been holding talks with the Green party to try and agree on a future coalition budget. But questions remain over how they will work together on issues including defence and nuclear power.
(2014-09-22 08:16:00)

Northern Swedes wake up to September snow
Summer has come to a definite end in Kiruna as residents of the northern town were greeted with a blanket of snow on Sunday morning.
(2014-09-21 14:29:00)

Ex-Prime Minister: Sweden is falling apart
Former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson has said that the election success of the Sweden Democrats is a "slap" in the face for the Stockholm establishment.
(2014-09-21 12:59:00)

Trio prosecuted for hate attack against Somalis
Three young men in southern Sweden suspected of attacking Somali refugees with stones and screaming "sieg heil" have been indicted on charges of racial agitation.
(2014-09-21 09:57:00)

Swedish airfares to get cheaper in 2015
Sweden is set to buck the European trend of rising air prices with fares expected to drop next year according to a new report.
(2014-09-20 13:51:00)

Swede's homemade submarine nets fortune
A Swedish submarine enthusiast who spent over 3,500 hours making his own vessel has sold his prized possession for 705,000 kronor ($98,500) in an online auction.
(2014-09-20 12:27:00)

Cops reported for making 'Roma' comment
Police in northern Sweden have been reported to the Equality Ombudsman for describing a wanted suspect as having a "Roma appearance."
(2014-09-20 10:08:00)

Donald Duck and Zlatan get Swedish votes
The Bilderberg Group, the Satanic Initiative and Adolf Hitler all received votes in Sweden’s general election, according to a list released by the country’s electoral authority.
(2014-09-19 18:22:00)

Stockholm fails bid to host Euro 2020 games
Sweden's capital has missed out on a chance to host any Euro 2020 games, with Copenhagen the only Scandinavian city among the thirteen winning locations.
(2014-09-19 17:50:00)

Vicar: God rejects fans of women priests
A Swedish priest has been fired after telling his congregation that people who support female priests would be rejected by God - despite the fact that his own church is led by a woman.
(2014-09-19 17:01:00)