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Top ten: Swedish taboos
From standing in line to taking your hols in the off-season, Sweden is a society with customs and faux pas, the Danes might say taboos. Here is a list of ten to watch out for.
(2014-07-23 16:17:00)

Fears mount for Swede kidnapped in Ukraine
A mediator who handles prisoner exchanges between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels said on Wednesday that he feared for the life of a kidnapped Swede.
(2014-07-23 14:41:00)

Vattenfall cuts losses despite 'tough market'
Swedish power group Vattenfall said on Wednesday that second quarter losses had been cut despite trying market conditions, forecasting that energy prices were unlikely to recover in the "foreseeable future".
(2014-07-23 14:28:00)

Swedes 'most beautiful' in the Nordics
Who is the fairest of them all? Swedes are, according to the rest of the Nordic nations in a recent survey.
(2014-07-23 12:15:00)

Swedish organic sales enjoy 'amazing' growth
Swedes are spending more and more of their food budget on organic foodstuffs, with major supermarkets reporting double digit increases, according to new statistics.
(2014-07-23 10:03:00)

Swedish police warn of rogue pregnant cow
Police in southern Sweden have issued a public warning about a pregnant cow on the loose, after two people were sent to the hospital after a hustle with the heifer.
(2014-07-23 09:55:00)

Grounded flights strand Swedes in Tel Aviv
UPDATE: About 270 passengers planning to fly to Stockholm are still stranded in Tel Aviv, and airlines have stated that flights will likely be grounded on Thursday as well.
(2014-07-23 09:26:00)

Sweden demands EU clarity on Bitcoin tax
With EU countries' treatment of Bitcoin varying vastly, Sweden has asked for clear EU rules stipulating whether or not the cryptocurrency should be taxed.
(2014-07-23 08:13:00)

Google in failed bid for Sweden's Spotify
US Internet giant Google tried last year to buy Sweden-based streaming music service Spotify, but pulled out due to the beefed-up price tag, according to a media report on Tuesday.
(2014-07-23 08:06:00)

Motorists in sticky drama after jam spill
Drivers in western Sweden were forced to jam on the brakes after a van shed its load of preserves and juices which led to major traffic problems.
(2014-07-22 16:33:00)

In Pictures: The Local's Property of the Week
Why settle for owning a house when you can own part of the island it is located on? This week's property allows you to get your money's worth of solitude while spending some time with your closest neighbour - the sea.
(2014-07-22 14:32:00)

Saab buys Swedish submarine shipyard
Swedish defence and aeronautics group Saab said Tuesday it had completed the acquisition of German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp's submarine shipyard in southern Sweden.
(2014-07-22 14:08:00)

American teams up with Swede to beat cancer
When Matthew Volsky first came to Sweden he didn't think he would stick around. Six years and a pioneering invention later he tells The Local about the medical device which is helping save lives around the world.
(2014-07-22 13:30:00)

'The Danish narrative on Sweden is based on a lie'
There is a popular narrative that in Sweden people bite their tongues while in Denmark they speak their minds; political commentator Brian Esbensen debunks this, arguing that Danes simply find it easier to criticize others.
(2014-07-22 13:23:00)

Swedish cops elect not to shoot 'angry elks'
After reports that wandering elks were scaring the public, police on the island of Frösön have decided not to open fire on the animals, but have urged locals to exercise caution instead.
(2014-07-22 11:51:00)

Swedish funds to tackle female genital mutilation
Sweden has earmarked 48 million kronor ($7 million) of its development aid budget to a United Nations programme to tackle female genital mutilation.
(2014-07-22 11:30:00)

Swedish leaders speak out on Gaza crisis
Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt believes Israel is interested in negotiating a ceasefire with Hamas while Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven has stood by his comment about the Israelis having a right to defend itself.
(2014-07-22 10:12:00)

New alcohol retail rules threaten micro-breweries
Swedish micro-breweries have reacted with concern to new distribution regulations being imposed by the state controlled alcohol monopoly Systembolaget, which they fear may put them out of business.
(2014-07-22 08:30:00)

ABB and Volvo in electric buses tie-up
Swiss-Swedish engineering group ABB and Volvo Buses of Sweden have announced a joint project to develop a system for electric buses to recharge their batteries fast when at bus stops.
(2014-07-22 08:08:00)

'First ever' heat warning issued for Sweden
Swedish weather agency SMHI has issued its first ever warning for high temperatures with the many areas set to bask in plus 30C heat.
(2014-07-22 07:54:00)