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'Tinder for jobs' app targets Swedish teens
A smartphone app designed to match young job seekers with potential employers has gained more than ten thousand likes since it launched in Stockholm a week ago. The company is already planning to target other capitals, despite criticism that it promotes discrimination.
(2014-11-27 12:03:00)

'Wild west' taxi drivers face tough new rules
Stockholm taxis have a reputation for being among the most expensive in the world, but new regulations designed to make costs more transparent have been agreed on by Stockholm's Traffic Committee.
(2014-11-27 11:00:00)

Weather agency rules out white Christmas
Swedes hoping for a white Christmas will most likely be disappointed after a global weather agency said that temperatures are unlikely to plummet in December.
(2014-11-27 10:21:00)

Swedish teen pop 'Idol' found dead at home
The producers of hit Swedish TV show Idol say they are offering support to the family of one this year's contestants, Tristan Björling, who has died.
(2014-11-27 09:50:00)

Sweden most expensive place to send a parcel
The price for sending a package via post in Sweden is the highest in the Nordic region but sending a letter remains relatively cheap according to a new report.
(2014-11-27 08:13:00)

Unclear school situation for migrant children
Sweden's National Agency for Education has stated that the current law allowing children of EU citizens the right to a place in school is unclear, as many new arrivals may slip through the net.
(2014-11-27 07:29:00)

Malmö's Champions League bid ended
The Swedish champions were defeated by the Italian side Juventus 0-2 at home and will need to win their last Champions League match in order to keep their hopes alive of playing in Europe.
(2014-11-27 06:30:00)

Cash for Swedes who saw dying Dad on TV
Relatives of a man whose final moments appeared in a television programme about a hospital in Sweden have each been awarded 20,000 kronor ($2,700) in compensation, after a court ruled that his privacy had been breached.
(2014-11-26 16:42:00)

Sweden rallies behind women in Ukraine
Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström is making her first visit to Ukraine, where she has urged leaders to press on with efforts to support women and cut corruption as tensions continue in the east of the country.
(2014-11-26 15:59:00)

Immigrant graduate jobs on the rise in Sweden
It is getting easier for foreign-born graduates to find a job in Sweden, according to the country's Employment Service, which says it has seen a jump in the percentage of immigrants scoring roles that require a university degree or college education.
(2014-11-26 12:26:00)

Hospital in 'fairyland' tax haven claims
An estimated 1.3 billion kronor of taxpayers money set aside to build Sweden's most advanced hospital is alleged to have been channelled to a tax haven in Luxembourg by the companies behind the project.
(2014-11-26 11:20:00)

Five magical Swedish winter markets
Stockholm and Gothenburg may be the main tourist draws when it comes to winter markets in Sweden, but away from the big cities, Swedes do their Christmas shopping in barns, castles and farm shops. Here are The Local's top tips for 2014.
(2014-11-26 10:51:00)

Christmas sun sought by record numbers
A record number of Swedes are leaving the country to go away on holiday for Christmas, with sunny destinations like the Canary Islands and old favourite Thailand proving most popular.
(2014-11-26 09:40:00)

Top ten Swedish Christmas presents
Christmas shopping is a challenge every year. If you're looking for something particularly Swedish with a special touch, it can be even harder. Here is The Local's own guide to top Christmas gifts of the year.
(2014-11-26 09:39:00)

How to stay stylish in Sweden in November
It's hard to flaunt your favourite fashions when the November skies are unrelentingly bleak even by Swedish standards. But fashion doesn't have to be a victim of Scandinavia's chilly weather, as The Local discovers on the streets of Stockholm.
(2014-11-26 09:28:00)

Swede goes public to solve 'hiccup hell'
A Swedish pensioner who has had the hiccups for four years has asked for the public's help so he can find a cure for the condition.
(2014-11-26 08:15:00)

Man shot dead in Stockholm 'execution'
A 32-year-old man has been shot dead in his car in Stockholm, with witnesses describing the attack as a brutal killing.
(2014-11-26 07:20:00)

Sweden's Spotify turns up volume as losses fall
The world's biggest music streaming service, Spotify, has announced that its revenue grew by 74 percent in 2013 while net losses shrank by one third, in a year of spectacular expansion.
(2014-11-26 07:00:00)

Will 'hated' dating coach reach Sweden?
A viral campaign to stop controversial US dating coach visiting Sweden appeared to have been successful on Tuesday, when scheduled tour dates disappeared from Julian Blanc's website.
(2014-11-25 17:21:00)

Swedish honeymoon murder verdict delayed
British businessman Shrien Dewani will have to wait two weeks to see whether a South African judge throws out charges that he organised the murder of his Swedish bride on their honeymoon.
(2014-11-25 16:54:00)