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Stieg Larsson sequel set for 35 country release
A sequel to the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millennium crime trilogy will go on sale in at least 35 countries from August, the book's publishers have announced.
(2015-01-28 00:13:00)

Sweden heading for coldest weekend of 2015
It's only Tuesday, but meteorologists are already warning that the weekend could the coldest this year, with temperatures dipping below -10C in the south of the country.
(2015-01-27 16:46:00)

Sweden 'soon' to return missing Maori skulls
Maori skulls taken from a burial cave and later used as part of attempts to scientifically justify racism by Swedish scientists are set to be returned to New Zealand in the near future, despite 'red tape' stalling the process.
(2015-01-27 15:05:00)

'Sweden's healthcare is an embarrassment'
For this week's debate article, Johan Hjertqvist, president of Health Consumer Powerhouse, an organization which compares global healthcare systems, reacts to a new report which reveals that waiting times in Sweden's hospitals are among the worst in Europe.
(2015-01-27 14:58:00)

Ericsson profits drop as US demand slumps
Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson's profit plunged by over a third in the fourth quarter of 2014, dragged down by falling demand in its key market North America, the company announced on Tuesday.
(2015-01-27 12:41:00)

'The age of financial privacy is over'
Jonathan Weiss hasn’t lived in the US for 25 years. But that didn’t keep his foreign bank account from being frozen in the wake of new US tax laws. Find out how you can avoid the same fate at the hands of FATCA.
(2015-01-27 12:30:00)

Sweden's public radio blocked by 'Nazi' tape
Staff at P4 Dalarna radio, which is part of Sweden's national public radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio, discovered tape put up by neo-Nazis blocking the entrance to their office's main entrance on Tuesday morning.
(2015-01-27 12:29:00)

Record 'Oscar' win for Sweden's Ruben Östlund
Sweden's hottest director of the moment, Ruben Östlund, was celebrating on Tuesday after his movie Turist scored a record number of awards at Sweden's Guldbagge 2015 ceremony, the country's version of the Oscars.
(2015-01-27 12:10:00)

Islamism 'threat' greater than Nazism: SD leader
Acting Sweden Democrat leader Mattias Karlsson has said Islamism is "a greater threat than Nazism", sparking a strong response from Jewish and Muslim communities as the world marks 70 years since the liberation of Nazi concentration camps.
(2015-01-27 11:53:00)

Sweden Democrat head to remain on sick leave
Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of Sweden’s nationalist Sweden Democrats, will remain on sick leave until the end of March 2015.
(2015-01-27 08:22:00)

Sweden remembers Holocaust victims
Events are taking place across Sweden to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps.
(2015-01-27 07:55:00)

'I’m in Sweden thanks to Sven-Göran Eriksson'
Maddy Savage moved to Stockholm five months ago to become The Local’s Editor, but it was a chance assignment to the Swedish home town of former England football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson in 2006 that set her on an unlikely path towards a career in Sweden.
(2015-01-26 22:32:00)

UN slams Sweden over increasing hate crimes
Sweden faced sharp criticism for the way it is tackling discrimination and violence against minority groups, at a key UN meeting in Geneva on Monday.
(2015-01-26 17:19:00)

Swedish soldier stirs row over help for Isis fighters
A Swedish soldier's Facebook post from Afghanistan is causing a stir, after he suggested that he was likely to get less help when he came back to Sweden than returning Isis fighters.
(2015-01-26 17:11:00)

Sweden Democrats get new party secretary
Sweden's nationalist Sweden Democrats have chosen a new party secretary, with Richard Jomshof set to replace Björn Söder, one of the anti-immigration group's most senior and controversial officials.
(2015-01-26 15:08:00)

Push to cut cancer wait times in Sweden
Sweden's coalition government and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) have promised to work together to cut waiting times for cancer patients across the country, following reports of wide regional differences.
(2015-01-26 14:10:00)

Swedes get scopes ready for giant asteroid
The largest asteroid set to pass earth in the next 12 years will be sweeping past Sweden and much of northern Europe on Monday evening.
(2015-01-26 12:37:00)

Sweden's Left backs European 'Red Spring'
The leader of Sweden's Left party, Jonas Sjöstedt, has told The Local he is "delighted" with the dramatic election win of Greece's anti-austerity party Syriza over the weekend, while Sweden's Finance Minister has raised concerns about how the victory will affect Europe.
(2015-01-26 11:35:00)

Meet the man snapping Stockholm's subway
What's an American photographer doing snapping photos of people in Stockholm's subway? For this week's My Swedish Career, The Local spoke to Evian Pantiel, the man behind the camera exploring Stockholm's colourful subway lines.
(2015-01-26 10:23:00)

Gothenburg recovers after mystery oil spill
A major oil spill occurred overnight in Gothenburg, with officals still unclear of the source on Monday morning.
(2015-01-26 09:54:00)