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Sweden set for brief burst of spring sunshine
April is a notoriously whimsical weather month and is set to take a turn for the better in Sweden as spring sunshine is set to make a return to many parts of the country .
(2015-04-18 14:01:32)

Swedish teens in hurry to leave home
Swedish youngsters leave home earlier their European counterparts, surprising housing researchers.
(2015-04-18 12:37:09)

Swedish study explains coffee cancer link
Swedish researchers have explained why drinking coffee is thought to lower the risk of contracting breast and other cancers.
(2015-04-18 08:37:42)

Zlatan's French rant ban reduced to three matches
Controversial Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic's ban for his foul-mouthed rant at a referee in which he blasted France as a “shit country” has been reduced from four matches to three, French newspaper Le Parisien reported on Friday.
(2015-04-17 17:28:41)

New Swedes picked for airport Hall of Fame
The new faces that are going to represent Sweden at the Stockholm Hall of Fame at Arlanda airport have been revealed. The gallery of famous Swedes is meant to reflect the country's contemporary icons, but this is its first update in almost nine years.
(2015-04-17 16:47:00)

Swedish Robocop star in Wikileaks email scandal
Sweden's hottest Hollywood star Joel Kinnaman is the latest name to emerge from a Wikileaks' publication of over 170,000 internal Sony Pictures emails stolen in a massive hacker attack last year, alongside one of the Pirate Bay founders and information about the fourth book in the famous Swedish Millennium series.
(2015-04-17 15:43:44)

First 'city warehouse' in Scandinavia for Ikea
Swedish furniture giant has announced plans to open its first 'city warehouse' in Scandinavia, with a massive new store set to be built in the centre of Copenhagen, as plans for a similar project in Stockholm remain in doubt.
(2015-04-17 12:08:33)

Feminist leader to take sick leave for exhaustion
One of the leaders of the feminist party which came close to entering parliament in last year's Swedish election is set to take a break from politics following exhaustion symptoms, a spokesperson announced on Friday. But party figurehead Gudrun Schyman has told The Local that she will stay on.
(2015-04-17 11:31:59)

New defence deal agreed between Swedish parties
UPDATED: Sweden's centre-left coalition government has agreed a new 10.2 billion kronor ($111.9 million) defence deal with three of the four parties that make up the opposition Alliance after days of debate.
(2015-04-17 10:47:23)

Sweden sees boom in computing specialists
The number of computing experts in Sweden increased by 20 percent in just five years, according to a new report by a leading think tank.
(2015-04-17 09:00:02)

Syria: ‘most dangerous’ Isis leaders Scandinavian
President Bashar al-Assad has thanked Sweden for taking in record numbers of refugees during the war, but warned about a growing danger from ‘Scandinavian’ Islamist extremists in his country.
(2015-04-17 07:47:31)

How to make Swedish cardamom ice cream
As Sweden edges closer to summer, how about learning how to make a cool dessert with one of Swedes' favourite spices? This creamy cardamom ice cream (kardemummaglass in Swedish) is easy to make and easy to scoop. John Duxbury shares his favourite recipe with The Local.
(2015-04-16 18:00:00)

Assange agrees to be questioned in London
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has now formally agreed to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors at Ecuador's London embassy over rape allegations, his defence has said.
(2015-04-16 17:53:00)

Cleared serial killer freed from psychiatric care
A Swedish court has ruled that Sture Bergwall, who was cleared of murder a year ago after over 20 years locked up as Sweden's most prolific serial killer, is no longer obliged to undergo assisted psychiatric treatment.
(2015-04-16 17:04:00)

Uppsala bid to 'ban' snus sparks debate in Sweden
A proposal to forbid council workers in Uppsala from smelling of 'snus' sparked outcry in Sweden on Thursday, where the peculiar moist tobacco is used by almost a quarter of the Nordic country's male population.
(2015-04-16 16:16:00)

Swedish foreign minister quizzed on Palestine
The Swedish government did not act unilaterally to recognize Palestine without informing parliament, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström said as she was quizzed by a parliamentary committee on Thursday over the controversial decision.
(2015-04-16 14:15:00)

Swedish museum gets gender neutral toilet sign
Gender neutral toilet signs at a Swedish museum have sparked debate in the Nordic country, known for its openness and tolerance. The Local has spoken to the graphic designer behind the idea.
(2015-04-16 11:40:00)

Second fatal shooting in 12 hours in Gothenburg
A man in his thirties has been killed in a parking lot in Gothenburg, just twelve hours after a fatal shooting at an apartment block in the city.
(2015-04-16 11:34:00)

Ministers in row over government plane use
UPDATED: Sweden’s Prime Minister is facing a backlash after a Swedish military spokesperson revealed that government planes have been flying between between Stockholm’s Arlanda and Bromma airports, the latter of which local politicians from his Social Democrat party in Stockholm are fighting to close.
(2015-04-16 08:37:48)

Man dead after fresh Gothenburg shooting
Police in Gothenburg say a man in his fifties has died after a shooting in the Hisingen area on Wednesday night, a month after an attack on a restaurant in the same part of the city.
(2015-04-16 07:52:43)