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Yaw Igwe

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IGWE has become synonymous with Nigerians especially in their movies and typical of Hiplife artiste has become one of their claims to fame. A Hiplife musician, Nana Oduro Acheampong, better known as Yaw Igwe has released his maiden album- entitled BONDEWA meaning “a beautiful woman with a beautiful body” with a class of touch.

The 8 track CD which he described as love brewed in African pot, is full of educative messages and how dear Ghanaians take matters concerning love.

The album therefore inculcates a delicate appropriation of some elements of Ghanaian and African rhythm thereby providing a unique feeling with different rhythms; Hip Pop, Yaa Amponsah and Hiplife flavour. Already some of the songs are receiving lots of airtime on the radio stations in a relative short time of its release.

Born some 21 years ago to Mr. Michael Kwabena Boahen and Mrs. Christian Acheapong, Igwe had his education at Faith Preparatory school through its JSS before proceeding to ATTC where he completed in 2001. In 2005 he successfully completed Top Accountancy.

His singing career though dates back in his school days where he sings in the church choir he was more of entertaining side more than anything else. “Because I like music and my mum was singing in the local Presbyterian church so my rudiment commenced in those days until he was hooked up by Hammer of Last 2 fame with influential brothers like Boli, Okra Samuel, Kwaw Kese among others.

He was later discovered by the CEO of Samlit Studio, Mr. Samuel Adjie Sarpong during his Talent Hunt programme. It is no wonder, therefore that his songs are so rich with voices of Kofi Nti whose silky voice melodiously blend beautifully to make the whole thing just look wonderfully that also brought the best raps you can think of in recent times especially when one come to think of it as this is the debut of such talented chap.

In an interview the manager, Apa Jnr, told Weekly Fylla that his boy together with Kofi Nti lets out this captivating voice in addition to good raps by Igwe to tell the world that there are good artiste in the system and if they are well motivated would go places.

The album opens with Anoman which featured Kofi Nti on the lead vocals, Jestoo and Ashang. In the song Igwe speaks about his experience and excitement when his dear one decided to look for him after waiting for several hours without his presence and wants him back. In his reply through a massage he sent through imaginary bird to tell her that he is on his way coming so “when ever you find yourself get telephone to rich me”.

Throughout the song the sweet voice and delivery of Kofi Nti, Jestoo and that of Ashang was seriously heard until Yaw Igwe executes a rap in support of it to generate a taste for contemporary highlife and Hiplife lovers. The song has some South Africa feel that can wet your appetite.

This is followed by Meho Nti (For your sake) is rendered in a mid-tempo beat with a strong bass line which carries with it a prospects of being a hit. Here Igwe as usual introduced himself in own style with his own intro and he took off, straight to the rolling beat that would take you straight to the floor.

The song portrays a lover who is dying of love as a result she is broken hearted because her lover is pretending and later when he realized that his lover is upset he decided to come back but it is too late. After listening to the raps I was taken a back with the successive flow by the youngster.

It is good that it leaves one wondering what is going to happen next and why listeners accept any thing less but then such is the work of art.

ODESHIE is another great and lovely song on the album which features Sweatman. If you love me hold my hands, is done is rendered in Hip Hop mixed with Ghanaian rhythms. It is self appellations which have some classics with Igwe in a full flight in his delivery as a rapper.

MEHLI is a Moslem name and trust Kofi to always use such names to the admiration of all. It is a mid-tempo with a good programming and instrumentation with a beautiful bassline. I thing this could have passed as the title track.

This song has a way of soothing due to the melodious nature of the rhythm and singing line. In the song the singer said if he had not gone to relationship he would not have known that there is different type of love, so he has resolved to marry his Mehli because she is killing him with his love especially her backsides.

The track has a slight balance as far as rap is concerned, and one is inclined to accept it as the work of an artist whose future look bright the way he has started.

ROMEO AND JULIET as the title suggest is about romance and love message. The instrumentation is sound great and danceable. The song is well arranged and once again displays the viability of the ace contemporary singer as he executed his line with perfection. In this song the singer promised his lover that even if the world and her family forsake her, he is there for her until death separate them and make her his Romeo and Juliet, and you will make me your Prince and you become my Princess.

The raga line was well fused to take song to another level.

BONDEWA is the title track of the album and it is rendered in a typical Yaa Amponsah rhythm. It is subtle invitation to the dance floor initially may be skeptical but midway through it would certainly holds you spellbound to move to the center stage for mimicking. It also holds the prospect in areas of listening.

Other equally good tracks on the album is Broken Heart, Odo Shirley and instrumentals of Anoman to be distributed vigorously by Big Ben, Pat Thomas and Lucky Sounds and the songs were recorded at the Samlit Studios Circle by old folk Beshop Mantey.