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Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Hornsey, London

Derek Safo, better known as Sway, was born in Hornsey, London in 1982. His mother a Ghana native was making a trip from Amsterdam back to Ghana when she gave birth during a London layover.

At age 11 Sway began rewriting the lyrics to his favorite songs, and thus his love affair with music began. Around age 16 Sway joined the hip hop group Phynix Crew, which then subsequently merged with 2 other rap groups.

Although Sway was in a group he released many singles under different names including Sway DaSafro. In 2003 Sway began pursuing a career in the British music scene, and started by joining a group named the 5th Element.

Sway has had a long and productive career that continues to go strong; however, he has not managed to break out in the way that some other Ghana hiphop stars have managed.