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Sony Achiba

Sony Achiba345
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Sony Achiba was born in Kumasi born to J. B. Danquah and Akua Fremah. He started his primary and secondary school education in Kumasi.He attended the Kumasi Technical Institute (K.T.I.), but he couldn't finish due to financial obstacles.His hobbies are watching films,playing soccer,listen to music and making friends.He started everything by playing active soccer when he was kid along side with dancing.Somewhere along the line he had an accident,and got affected with his left eye.

After the operation, the Doctor advised him not to play football again.He decided to take dancing as a profession,so most at times - Achiba goes out and perform with big time musicians in Ghana like: Rex Omar,George Jahraa, Nana Tuffour,Tommy Wiredu and Frank Mensah Pozo,Randy Noonoo,Are Ama Badu and so on.He later decided to come out with his own album - in the year 2000 his first album came out.But he later withdrew all the tapes from the market due to technical hitches.

Two years later,Sony came out with another hit album, named HIP-DIA,instead of hip because he combines Hip-Hop Hi-Life and India style together (i.e. HID-DIA) that makes him the first Ghanaian who have ever come out with this kind of style, in fact,this unique style pushes him into limelight all over Ghana and beyond.The way he performs,the dress and artistic moves makes people call him Indian man.