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Simple Man Kante

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Accra, Ghana

Jeffrey Kwame Kante, popularly known in ages past as Simple Man Cantey,a musician born in Accra still lives and is out with another album focusing on social issues as has ever been his style of singing.

The new one after 8 years of silence carries 12 tracks on CD and 10 on cassettes with artistes featuring Screw Face, Asafo Jay and Messiah. Fingers of George Abban and Johnny did the magical works set to energize fans and bring back to memory about his existence.

Many people has held rumors of his death even though he still lives in Germany and married to an Italian woman with two lovely girls. To this matured artiste, he says music is his inheritance from womb. Way back in 1988, he recorded his very first album entitled 'Abrabo in Africa', which carried other tracks like 'Thank God it's Friday', 'God bless Africa', 'Abrabo' with the hit track 'Na Minshee'.

In 1990, he released his second album titled 'Try', and on with his third release sometime after. He expressed how fans showed love to his tunes, mostly, the English ones amongst them. Speculations about his death are much to say that his fans and music lovers have being missing him and his songs. This he says is part of the reason why he is resurfacing with the new one titled 'Mix Mix Collection'.

In those eight years of silence, he mentioned that he was working on this particular one along taking on his English language lecturing in Germany where he lives with his family. He says he would now be coming out as early as possible with different releases. Roaring like a lion, the new one is having different lyrics, re mixes and completely music with some highlighting on poor purchase of Ghana goods.

In his massage to Ghanaians he urged all to stop making the white man rich by purchasing their goods and ignoring what is made in our own country. He also said made in Ghana goods should be made to meet the international market.