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Prince Bright

Prince Bright8242
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Kokomlemle, Ghana

Bright, sometimes referred to as Prince Bright or Bling Sparkles was the lead singer of one of Ghana's first rap groups BukBak.

He attended Kings College in Kokomlemle for his primary school education and then to City Secondary Business College. He studied Graphics and Design at the Accra Technical Training Centre where he met Ronny.

Bright's history is indistinguishable from that of his former group BukBak. Bright's rise to fame came from the group's 4 best-selling albums, and his launch of a solo career stemmed from the disappointing sales of the group's fifth, and last album.

In a typically dramatic fashion Bright refused to confirm the rumors of the group's breakup until the release of his first solo album "Light over Darkness". His first single "Condom" was quite controversial and proved to be too forward-thinking and socially responsible for the powers that be in the music industry.

To this criticism, Bright has said that the argument is silly and that like it or not condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV/Aids which has plagued society.

He married his longtime girlfriend in a private ceremony in May 2018 in Bronx New York.