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OJ BLAQ, born Andy Nii Akrashie in Accra some twenty something years ago, can bluntly be described as a phenomenal double-edged sword who has masterfully combined the art of acting and making eccentric music for today’s entertainment public.

Mr. BLAQ, currently making feverish preparations for the release/ launching of his debut 13-track album is a young man, filled with style and positive energy.

These attributes, though very clearly natural, have been nourished and carefully nurtured over the years especially during his senior high school days at Achimota where anytime the opportunity presented itself, OJ BLAQ was there to exhibit his talents for all to know.

Nii Akrashie, though being the only son of his mother who happens to be a single parent, managed to refrain from becoming a pampered child.

To the contrary, he succeeded in creating a life filled with the opportunities to help him rise to unbelievable heights, through the benefits of his merit and hard work. Sometime soon after Achimota School and during his studies for a travel and tourism diploma certificate at Zane Investments, Mr. OJ BLAQ featured prominently as MARLON ‘T’ on the hit T.V. series, SUNCITY, which became a household favourite across Africa, Europe and the U.S.A.

OJ BLAQ’s immense musical talents were first released to the public on Sydney’s ‘My Sweetie’ track on the famous ‘Abuskeleke’ album. After which he began to produce his masterpiece of an album, ‘Galanja’, perfecting his musical skills along the way through personal experiences and collaborations with various artistes such as, Okyeame Kwame, Tinny, Asem, Richie, Kwaata, Salimi, Dampo, and Diojo, amongst others. The album is set to thrill with its eccentric beats and rhythms, with his painstakingly chosen lyrics which cut across board.

OJ BLAQ is a true entertainer, and has proven this through his work as an actor, and as a radio deejay, and now intends to mystify the world with his true passion, music. He has a certificate in events management and public relations and plans to take it to greater heights along with his showbiz endeavours.

He spends his leisure time hanging out with friends for a drink, discussing a potpourri of issues ranging from social issues to politics and the arts, all in the aim of broadening his horizons so as to surpass the furthest of the limits he may ever face. Make way……..The Biggy Boy Lover is here to stay.