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Nana Queen

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Nana Queen was born in Liberia as Precious Jewel Tubman. Nana Queen's elder sister enrolled her in voice lessons where she sang auto, treble and soprano. At the age of 10 years she was in the church choir and sang gospel songs a lot. If she only knew that she would have been a star as she is now, then she would have taken her elder sister's musical lessons serious. Even though she has not got any album under her belt yet, she's already earned a place as a talented female singer in the hiplife scene. Nana Queen has played major roles in popularizing songs like Linda - Batman, Akyeame - Paradise, Azigiza - Abena remix, old songs of VIP and Arabians.

Her debut album which is about to hit the streets of Ghana in 2005 will move critics and fans into frantic ecstasy. She entered the music scene in the late 90's and has matured into an expressive singer who is able to move listeners to their feet. She's trying her hands on singing in English because she wants those outside Ghana to get a feeling of her song. Nana Queen is going to make a big break in the music industry with songs like 'G Thugs', 'Move On', 'Addicted', 'Party', 'Up and Down' and 'Cream and Sugar'.

Nana Queen's favourite foreign artistes are Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and MC Lyte. She is happily married to sound engineer/producer/songwriter, Nana King of Ashanti International.