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Born in Accra, Ghana in the late 70s, Nana Fremah migrated to New York at the age 6. Being the third of five children, her parents had plans for her just like every other parent would for their child to go to college.

Well Nana did go college, but only for a year. She has always loved singing and wanted to pursue career in singing. She started her singing career in an elementary school and also was a lead vocalist in her church.

As the years went by, having engaged in after school activities, Nana's desire of being a musician started fading due to parents values….which is pursuing higher education. But every now and then a melody would just form in her head and she would compose music out of it. Having performed with some of the artist down the years revived her music dream.

Content to keep the dream alive, Fremah last year released her first single 'Shhhh---Mente Gyae which has done well in the radio market, and has received a great deal of airplay. No doubt her reflective lyrics and a silky voice earned her the name "First Lady of Highlife" After reviving her dream; she became serious and started to write lyrics. Whether she was driving, eating, relaxing, lyrics would form in her head and would record that small piece down and work on it. For instance, 'Me Nte Gyae' was composed while she was riding in a car with her mom. She is working on second album