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Mike Nyinaku

Mike Nyinaku22
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Mike Nyinaku born 26th July 1976 in Accra, Ghana is a professional accountant by training and architect at heart, Mike prefers to be referred to as a student of entrepreneurship.He had his secondary education at the Presbyterian Boys senior high school then proceeded to University of Professional Studies. Mike founded BEIGE in 2008 after a successful career as a Professional Accountant for 10 years

BEIGE is a financial services provider with subsidiaries providing Banking, Pensions, Insurance & Funds Management Services.Beyond the provision of basic financial intermediation services BEIGE has a private equity arm that actively invests in and promotes the development of small and medium sized enterprises of African origin including start-ups.The BEIGE Bank – a flagship subsidiary of BEIGE formerly known as BEIGE Capital Savings and Loans, has been a leading provider of retail banking services to the informal sector of Ghana since 2014.Together with its direct subsidiaries and other investee affiliates, BEIGE provides direct employment to about 5,000 individuals and serves a clientele base of about 1million. The BEIGE Foundation (TBF) is also another initiative of Mike Nyinaku. Established on the principles of integrity and self-belief, BF promotes youth and social development through a variety of sponsored programs implemented across Ghana. Notable amongst the initiatives of BF is the Youth Excellence League (YEL). YEL is a life skills development program that recognises and celebrates youth who demonstrate exceptional talent.

As Chief Finance Officer for OICI-GH – a US based NGO; he had responsibility for providing financial planning, financial management, capacity building and technical advice on multiple community development programs that were implemented by the organization in several locations in Ghana and across West Africa. Mike served OICI – Ghana between 2001 and 2008. Prior to this he trained for 2 years as a finance and audit specialist with Deloitte & Touché.

An award winning entrepreneur highly regarded as one of Ghana’s emerging business leaders, Mike has demonstrated throughout his career, profound intellectual capacity in matters relating to finance as well as continuous leadership in business excellence. In 2012 at the national youth awards ceremony, Mike was recognized by the then president of Ghana as both the youth personality for finance and the ultimate youth personality of Ghana, all in recognition of his selfless efforts at business development and employment creation. In 2016 he was recognized as the 6th most influential person in Ghana. And in 2017 he again has been recognized as the most influential young business leader in Ghana. Mike’s ambition is to continue pursuing entrepreneurial aspirations as a means of influencing and inspiring a new breed of leaders from Africa. Notable honours – Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2016 -(GHANA ECONOMIC FORUM 2016) – 6th Most Influential Person In Ghana, 2015 -(NATIONAL POLL by GLOBAL MEDIA ALLIANCE) – SME Finance Leader Of The Year 2015 - (CFO Awards by Instinct Wave) – Male Youth Personality Of The Year, 2012 –(ANNUAL NATIONAL YOUTH AWARDS) – Gold Award For Financial Excellence, 2012 –(ANNUAL NATIONAL YOUTH AWARDS) – Best Young Entrepreneur, 2012 –(ANNUAL GHANA ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDS) – Nobles International Award Recipient (2012) – Young Professional Role Model In Finance Excellence & Tourism, 2011 & 2012 – (ANNUAL YPYC Awards)