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Mawuli Kofi Okudzeto

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The Ghanaian-born Mawuli Kofi Okudzeto realized his natural talent in 1980 after his search for his true identity. Mawuli started his preparatory schooling in Ghana. At thirteen, he continued his education at the grey lands college in England at the Isle of Wight and to the American College of London to obtain his B.A. Degree in Business Administration. Whilst there in England he worked in some classy clothing shops on Bond and Mayfair street in London.

He gained some experience in the field of designing and decided to return to Ghana to start his own fashion industry being the design of African couture. He found most of his answers in dressing African.

This encouraged him the more and his friends practically bought all his clothes off him. His concept envisages an informative and entertaining return to the Zenith of African civilization, paying particular attention to ancient Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Empire

He started off with one machine and as he progressed, he employed other people and bought more machines. He now has five studios in Accra and his designs are also found in so many homes all over Africa. Mawuli has to his credit two factories located in Accra with a workforce of sixty-two (62) with seventy industrial sewing machines at their disposal.

The maximum daily output is about four thousand, two hundred and eighty (4280) items produced a day. This translates into an average production of one hundred and twenty-eight thousand, four hundred (128400) finished items a month, ranging from traditional wear to shirts, bags, skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, headgear, footwear.

He has participated in a lot of fashion shows with a special reference to 'Face of Africa' held at Labadi Beach Hotel here in Accra, Pret-a-porter in Paris France, Egedo in Dusseldorf Germany among many others.

Mawuli's aim is to promote a strong sense of cultural identification with Africa. His designs range from the trendy young to the conservative older people. Mawuli's designs best represent the cream of contemporary afro-centric attire into the future.