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King David

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David Kotey Neequaye aka King David sings very well in English, Ga and Twi. Born to the late Seth Amon Niikoi-Olai and Madam Emelia Naadu Mensah at Abossey Okai in Accra, King, as he is popularly known, is the fourth of eight boys in the family.

He is a former student of Modern School of Draftsmanship (MODESCO) where he studied draftsmanship and designing. When asked how he started singing, he said he comes from a family who are footballers and he started as one.

But he has always loved music since he was a child and could mimic any song just by listening to it. He started disc jockeying at parties, outdooring ceremonies and other social gatherings and that helped to sharpen his musical talent.

His first album was nominated in 2004 Ghana Music Awards. As he puts it to my surprise my song won the best collaboration of the year but I was expecting more than that.

King David's mentor is the biblical psalmist King David who wrote 150 psalms in the Bible and he is very proud to have such a person as a mentor and want to be as good as him.

David says his songs are not profane but the type that entertain, educate and advise the public. He still considers football as his hobby and though a designer by training, he is not into that at the moment because he wants to boost his musical career before doing any thing else.