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Joe Tetteh


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Joe Tetteh was born on 30th December 1938.
In his career as a boxer, Joe Won 44 (KOs 25) | Lost 28 | Drawn 6 | Tot 78. Joe had the longest boxing career in the history of Ghana's boxing. Joe Tetteh's first fight was in Accra against Penny Kid on January 5th, 1957. Soon Joe gave up carpentary for the love of boxing. His famous bout was on November 5th, 1963 against the Greatest of all Ghanaian boxers, Floyd Robertson which Joe lost by a TKO 11.

I remember that night the fight turned into Gamashie versus the other Gas. Joe Tetteh was supported by the GaMashie people and Floyd Robertson the national hero was backed by the other Gas and Ghanaians. Joe Tetteh came to the bout with a coffin predicting to get the body of the national hero, Floyd Robertson into the coffin that night. It was the fight of Ghana's Century. Rest in Peace, Ghana's boxing carpenter

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