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George Darko

Highlife Artist

George Darko
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Touted as the king of burger highlife, George Darko is an amazing guitarist and vocalist who brought a contemporary sensitivity to highlife music since the early1980s. As a youngster,he learned traditional dancing and drumming.A teacher, who built his own guitar,inspired Darko to switch to the stringed instrument. Despite continuing to be exposed to traditional music, Darko was enchanted by the music of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. He recorded and released his first solo cassette, 'The Reborn Avengers' which was renowned for his unique guitar beats.

He settled in Germany, where he helped to form the Bus Stop Band. By their third album he became the group's lead vocalist. When the band disbanded in 1988,he continued to perform as a soloist. His 'Akoo te Brofo' single still remains a masterpiece and he is currently featured on the 'Kings of Highlife' compilation album.