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Fredrick William Kwasi Akuffo

Ex Head of State: 1978 1979

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

21 March 1937 - 30 June 1979

Education & Career Pattern

  • 1952 - 1955: Presbyterian Secondary School, Odumasi Krobo (E/R)
  • 1957: Enlisted as an Officer-Cadet in the Ghana Army.
  • 1958 - 1960: Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK
  • 1961: Parachute Training, UK (saw action in Congo)
  • 1967: Staff College, UK
  • 1973: National Defence College, India
  • 1965 - 1966: Commanding Officer Airborne training School, Tamale (N/R);
  • 1969 - 1970: Commanding Officer, 6th Battalion
  • 1970: Director-General, Operations and Planning, Ministry of Defence
  • 1972: Second Brigade Commander
  • 1974: Army Commander
  • 1975: Member, ruling Supreme Military Council (SMC)
  • 1976: Chief of Defence Staff. General Akuffo and other members of the SMC saw the low esteem in which the military as using the public's discontent for General Acheampong's misrule, staged a palace coup on July 5, 1978, to remove Acheampong and accused him of running a 'one Man show'. The coup maker formed SMC 11 and made Akuffo, Chairman. The Akuffo regime initiated moves to return the country to civilian rule by instituting a new Constitution Drafting Committee. He lifted the ban on politics but banned 105 prominent politicians including J H Mensah, Victor Owusu Imoro Egala, and Kofi Agheli Gbedemah. Despite his efforts at returning the country to constitutional rule, Akuffo did not seem to have the answer to the country's economic problems as workers who could not make ends meet took to the streets. It was in the midst of these confusing events that Flight Lieutenant Jerry
  • 1979 (June 4): John Rawlings struck and overthrew the SMC 11. Akuffo was picked up and together with Acheampong and other senior military shot by a firing squad at the Teshie military range.
  • Wife: Emelia Akuffo