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Emmanuel Ofori

President/Founder of Pan African Foundation

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Mr. Emmanuel Ofori, a graduate of Christian Ministerial Bible College, Tennessee; American College of Optech, California and American Institute for International Studies, Barcelona, is on a special mission, which is; to save lives in Ghana and other parts of the world.

In 1995, Emmanuel decided to pray, fast and wait on the Lord to get clear directions as to what to do with his ministerial calling. It turned out to be a year later before the Lord gave him his assignment - MISSIONS.

This soft spoken man who can speak eight languages fluently and has serviced with the UN in Mali and other countries decided to use the most powerful tool ever - the media to get his supplies for his assignment. He appeared on TV and Radio in Richmond, VA where he lives with his wife Ruth and three daughters and things began to happen. He started getting donations from many companies and individuals.

From 1997 to date he has donated over two million dollar's worth of clothing, medical and dental supplies to several countries including; Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Lesotho, Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone and Zambia. Others are; the Philippines, Costa Rica and several other communities here in the US.

Last year, Mr. Ofori took a 14 member medical team to Ghana to save thousands of innocent lives at a school for the blind, a school for the deaf, a school for mentally retarded, villages and communities. He has also helped individuals in the community who do not have insurance to get their medical supplies at no cost. This he still does. Currently, he is supplying Ghanaians in four different states without health insurance, FREE medication. He has made it clear that, he will continue to support Africans with no health insurance who have hypertension, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, etc. All it takes is a phone call.

Mr. Ofori who has a multi-facet live is also the owner of Royal Cleaning Services and the head JV Coach at Thomas Jefferson High/Governor School in Richmond, VA.

Mr. Ofori's vision for Ghana now is to open faith based clinics in churches and schools across the country. There are basic requirements that the schools and churches would have to meet in order to get their free medical supplies.

To accomplish this, he has set up an Office in Accra, Ghana as a wing of his NGO Pan African Foundation for Humanity International. This Office takes delivery of all items shipped to Ghana. And also makes sure that they are given out to those hospitals, schools and individuals who need them the most.

Mr. Ofori is appealing to the Ghanaian community - especially the various Ghanaian churches and associations - to assist him financially to make it possible to ship free medical supplies and other items to Ghana two or three a year to save lives.