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Eli Boni

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Every now and then someone crosses the bridge between knowing their potential and the point of living their dreams. One of such many someone is Eli Boni who is a rare voice among the new generation of gospel artists in Ghana.

Talk of her song writing skills and lyrical content, singing and dancing abilities that always hold her audience refreshed and lead into the presence of God. Oh! That's not all; one surprise to look out for is to see how she uses her legs to minister in such a manner that makes her praise performances a delight to watch.

To the building community of her loyal funs out there, Eli promises to minister consistently to their soul, body and spirit.

A central part of Eli's life is her passion for music which she exhibits since she was a child. Born and educated in Accra, Ghana, her first performance on a platform was at the age of 8 at her church, she started developing dancing skills around that same age.

Eli fronted most choreography and singing groups both at church and in school. Eli has been a long standing member of various church choirs and singing groups.

In October 2002, her singing career received a major boost when she was selected as a member of a group that toured two popular European countries of art (Germany and Holland) for seven (7) weeks performing on several stages. She also fronted one of the choirs in Germany during a festival.

In 2004 she participated in a singing competition organized by the Ghana Wildlife Club of which she was adjudge the best, in 2007 she has been an invited artist on "Music Music" a popular programme of Ghana's premier private television station.

In March 2007 Eli's debut album “Ewuradi Maba was launched on. An interesting twist about this album was she started recording a year before its launch.She faced many challenges on this work but never gave up on her dreams and held on till its completion as though it was her last breath. This album had twelve (12) sensational tracks with most of them written by her, the inspiration for these songs she ascribes to God's divine guidance.

Her new work for 2008 "Tie yen su fre" is what one will refer to as sensational, on this album Eli pours out her heart in relish of what she does best; that is lavishing praise on the awesomeness of her creator, the lyrical content of this work is so rich that one may want to conclude the words were all conjured and yet they were all written by Eli, it's her desire this album reaches the uttermost shores as God demands of His word. She attributes the success of this album wholly to God.

A common saying of Eli is music is my life, it motivates me and I love to sing or listen to music She derives great motivation from stories of people surmount setbacks in their lives to attain their dreams.

She believes in being focused and ministering to souls rather than showing off or being entangled in unhealthy competition as some artist have gotten themselves into. She desires above all that ministration should deliver the right message rather than just singing with prayers.

Eli has the passion for helping and uplifting the down hearted, this she exemplifies by a yearly voluntary service at Ghana's Joy FM annual soup kitchen (a programme designed to feed, cloth and provide medical care for the under privileged in society).It's her believe that her public platform would give her the opportunity to affect more lives, some of whom she may never know or meet in a lifetime.

She hopes to become a pharmacist, a renowned gospel artist and a motivational speaker.She has other great interest such as reading, travelling and sports.