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Known in real life as Andy Kwabena Adisi, Ebo is the younger brother of famous This young chap's release of a single track titled 'ONCE, TWICE' on a mix tape compiled and produced by Appietus made him very popular even than the most of the already existing youngsters.

EBO is a full blooded Ghanaian born to the Adisi family. Among four boys Andrew (Andy) Kwabena Adisi a.k.a Ebo is the third after Nathaniel (Nat) Kwabena Anokyi Adisi well known as Bolary presently of Joy FM and a presenter for TV's Music Music and Bernard Adisi an event manager at Charter House. The forth is Kevin Adisi currently working for

Ebo attended St. Johns preparatory, continued to St. Johns Grammar secondary school and proceeded to University of Ghana, Lagon where he started radio presenting at the campus based Radio Universe and later left to Top Radio. Explaining why he abandoned his radio presenting carrier for music, Ebo confessed that all along he had this strong passion for singing especially reggae music but he was just marking time for the right moment and also because the songs he had written were all in English he was not too sure if Ghanaians would have accepted him as at then when all English rappers and singers changed to twi.

The only thing that gave him hope of fulfilling his international musical aspiration was Rocky Dawuni's reggae break through on the international scene. Not knowing that Ghanaians will accept any good music irrespective of the language, Ebo wanted to travel outside the country before attempting any release until this opportunity to release a single came up and some how became an instant hit.