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Ebaahi Sounds

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Ebaahi Sounds, is a traditional music and dance group based in Accra.They recently digitised their latest album Naa Daniowie, which featured talented young men and women who are proud of their tradition and culture.

Composed by Larkotey Oscar and Felix Raja, the ten-track album, which is sang in Ga and Twi is inspired by Ga Kpanlogo and Lolo rhythms with an infusion of guitars. Multiple voices tend to sustain the interest of the listener.

The album opens with the title track Naa Daniowie, which comments on rumour mongering and its destructive effects on families, ethnic groups and the country as a whole. Ashi Kpeea (track 2) is in the form of the griot style with a message on the history of the Gas and their traditional gods, priests and priestesses. It appeals for unity and the need to promote and develop the Ga culture.

Kaa Ya Oshi Mi (track 5), which is preceded by a cool guitar work is about the cries of a young woman to her lover not to abandon her. She vows to die for the sake of love as she recollects the good old times.

Titled Shika (track 9), the piece talks of struggles people undergo in order to earn a living. It advises mankind through a story of a couple who are on the verge of a bitter divorce due to financial problems.

Formed in 1979, Ebaahi Sounds has collaborated with a number of foreign artistes including the British musician Fleetwood Mac.The group has five albums to its credit.

A number of its members are currently teaching traditional African music and dance in several European countries. Naa Daniowie was recorded and mastered at studios in Accra and London.