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Daughters Of Glorious Jesus

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This trio of songbirds comprises two sisters and a friend. It is made up of Cynthia Appiadu, Edna Sarpong, and Monica Owusu Ansah. Cynthia, the youngest, writes and composes most of the songs of the group and she is the lead singer as well.

They started as part of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries choir, then in 1987. Later, the General Overseer of the Church, Bishop Akwasi Asare Bediako, saw their potential and encouraged them to form a group. They proceeded to minister through song at various church crusades and conventions.

Their debut album, Anwanwa do, was released in 1990 and they have since been one of the strongest forces to reckon with in the gospel industry. They have won numerous awards consistently through a number of albums and hit songs.

In 2003, they released Aseda recounting their trials, tribulations, and their miraculous deliverance from death.

Some of their hits include Mebo wo din daa, Edin no, Asomdwoe hene, Tumi wo mu, Fata ayeyie, Ewurade, Yesu, woye m'ade nyinaa, Aseda ben, Yeyi waye, Okasa preko, Fa wasem to Awurade anim, Momma yenben Awurade, Odomfo, Onakwafo Nyame, Beberee, Ahinta Bea, Wo Ntaban.

In 2019, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus celebrated 30 years of their musical career with activities including a gala dubbed the Glorious 30 Gala, Glorious 30 Gala and Dinner, DaughtersTribute Concert, and musical tours across Ghana dubbed Glorious 30 Tour, sanitation campaigns, orphanages visits among many other activities. They also launched a book "Our Story" in September 2019.

The group also has a foundation called the Daughters 3 Foundation, an NGO to help the less privileged.


Anwanwa Din (1990)

Yesu Mebo Wo Din Daa (1991)

Anwanwa Din remix (1992)

Mesom Awurade Daa (1994)

Ngyae Mpaebo (1995)

Asomdwe Hene (1996)

Nea Yehu Yi(2000)

Aseda (2003)

Daughters' Praise Vol. 1 & 2 (2007)

Trimude (2009)

Wonnim a Ennye Yie (2014)

Abba Father (2017)