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Daniel Obinim, also known as Angel Obinim, is the senior Head Bishop of International God’s Way Church in Ghana west Africa.

Daniel Obinim has made several public controversial declarations. He declared he was an angel of God, which led to the name "Angel Obinim" given to him by his church. He also seemed to have conjured a passport for a church member who lost his.

In 2016, he told his church he could transform himself and others into objects and animals. Jon Benjamin, the British High Commissioner to Ghana, ridiculed him for these claims over Twitter.

In 2014 Obinim was seen on television stepping on the belly of a woman in a "deliverance". This led Amnesty International in Ghana to call for his prosecution for assault.

Obinim in August 2016 publicly flogged two teenagers, one of whom was pregnant, on live television, accusing them of fornicating and conspiring to abort a pregnancy, leading to public outcry, after the video also went viral on social media.

Ghana's Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection Nana Oye Lithur herself led a campaign for his arrest, by lodging a complaint to the Ghana Police Service Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit (DOVVSU). He was subsequently arrested.

Following the arrest, hundreds of his church members besieged the police station where he was held to demand his release, a move that was seen to be the first of its kind involving a religious leader. They also threatened not to vote for the current government in Ghana's upcoming election in December 2016 if Obinim is not released. The protesters were dispersed with a water cannon.

In a recent video circulated in the early days of May 2018, on social media, Angel Obinim is seen arguing with invisible creatures, who he disclosed to be his master in the heavenly realm and Angel Gabriel.

He spoke in a strange language and explained to the congregation that he was being interrogated by the master for a task he and his partner, Angel Gabriel, could not fully complete.

In proving that he was not at fault, he said to the master "Father ask him, yes you can ask him Gabriel. Yes because I went with him". He continued to have the conversation with the heavenly cohort and finally revealed that his master had forgiven him and promised to pay his partner back for almost getting him in trouble.