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Francis Akoto Owusu aka Cell-Fis(pronounced Selfish)was born in LaGrange, a suburb of Chicago is a rapper. He grew up with his grandparents in Kumasi for a brief period. "Those days, even though I was a kid, were some of the best days that I have spent in my life. The hospitality of Ghanaians is irrefutably the best. I am glad to be visiting once again."

Cell-Fis has been making beats and music since age 10. As a music prodigy who started by playing guitar and then the sax, Cell-Fis won numerous awards in recitals and competitions thus establishing him as a musical force to be reckoned with. Later he abandoned the guitar and then the sax and made the keyboard his companion.

After acquiring his first keyboard at age 11, he started composing beats and rapping to them. That was just the beginning of a star in the making whose aptitude in music was about to be unleashed.

Word got around quickly that there was a new music wizard in town and Cell-Fis would find himself being surrounded by musicians of all ages each with the intention of learning a few tricks with this musical genius.

As he got to know more people in music, his name became a mantra to all up-and-coming stars as well as some pros. It was in 1999 that he formed his first group called TKO. With an excellent cast of fine young musicians, TKO performed in clubs and colleges around town and got airplay on local radio stations. Unfortunately, the group's existence was short-lived and they soon disbanded.

However, Cell-fis' ability as a producer was in top gear. Musicians, artists, and performers lined up daily, each with the intention of obtaining more new beats and styles in the genre. In a period of five years, Cell-fis produced about two hundred songs for other artists and friends, each with a distinctive style and beat.

With this semi-autographical album, Cell-Fis tells the story of a young man who is invincible in the rap field thus making him envious of the town. His lyrics are pure, and clean, and do not include the cursive lingo that most hip-hoppers are known for. His delivery is precise and his beats are tight.

Having the opportunity to record, mix and master his debut album at the famous Chicago Studio an establishment that boasts of clientele such as Kanye West, Queen Latifah, Brittany Spears, and other top musicians. Cell-Fis wants to prove that indeed he has arrived in full force and the hip-hop world better watch out. Also in Ghana, Cell-Fis will be featured on major radio stations as well as TV Stations.