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Buk Bak started off as a 3- man rap group with Prince Bright, Ronney Coches and Shoetan.They trio registered a sensational hit with ‘Komi ke Kena’ and soon became a household name. Their light-hearted and often amusing lyrics and catchy rhythms had both the old and young dancing. However, Shoetan had to quit the group for his studies abroad. The remaining two remained strong and together and continued to release amazing hits after hits. They went on to enjoy more success with albums like Awensem, Sika Kokoo and Gold Coast. They have won several Ghana Music Awards and have performed in major cities across the globe.

Buk Bak was the first hiplife group to be successful with Ga lyrics in Ghana. They rap in Ga, Twi and Pidgin. They also banded with groups like K-2 (Juliana) and 4x4 to release more hit tracks.In 2006,Ronnie and Bright pursued separate projects. Bight's debut album was quite successful with tracks like Condom and What Dem Plan.

Some of their hit songs are Gonja Barracks, Komi ke kena, Klu Blofo, Chingilingi, Kelewele,Trotro, Dienpo, Akwasi broni, Tankase, U 4 know say, Kakatsofa, Kakalika,Twen me, Akwele ne Akuokor, Yenko ne brebre, Ma me odo, Kululu, Bibini ba,

They mentored 4X4,Castro, Pope Skinny, K-2, Buky Core and whole lot of artists.

November 21,2013,Ronnie Coaches was pronounced dead at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra,Ghana.Coaches had suffered a heart attack.


KomiKeKena – Abib Records 1998

Awensem – Abib Records 2000

Nkomhye – Abib Records 2001

Sika Korkor – Agicoat Records 2002 (Won Three Ghana Music Awards)

Gold Coast – Agicoat Records (2004)

Light Over Darkness – Bling Sparkles solo album under Prince Dave Records (2005)

The Screensaver – Ronnie Coaches solo album R & C Records (2006)

Fisherman Anthem – Global One Entertainment (2012)


The Young Achievers Awards at The National Theatre Ghana Music Awards 2003

(Best Hip Life Group)

(Hip Life Song of the Year)

(Album of the Year)

Our Music Awards 4syte Music Awards (2010)

Loud In GH Best Comeback Artist 2012