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Azuma Ayeezoya

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Azuma Ayeezoya a.k.a Tiger was a Ghanaian musician who doubles in crafting native music instruments for sale.

Long before at the age of ten, Tiger had already decided to become a musician, having been inspired largely by his father who played the native instrument Kologo or guitar.

At twenty, Tiger got introduced to boxing and earned the accolade "Tiger" because of his ferocious style of boxing.

In 1997, he started his music career and began to travel outside Ghana: He was shuffling between Ghana and Burkina Faso.

He later settled down in Accra after having worked with his family on a groundnut farm in the North.

Tiger with an insatiable thirst for playing live music, made his first public showbiz appearance at the erstwhile Bassline Jazz Club, an acropolis of jazz music in 1999 where his performance won for him attention and gradually raised him into the limelight.

He made provision to come out with his album which he has recorded at Studio 502 at Adabraka, in Accra.

His album entitled "Asem no ye miya" literally meaning "I am saddened by matters" has eight tracks with four apiece on the first and flip side. The title emanates from the worst conditions of living which he noted had engulfed the district of his birthplace in the North.

The Kalimba is a 14 key instruments played with fingers. This is one of those native instruments he has been crafting for sale. Tiger was not only artistically inclined but business conscious as well and in a lucrative business of crafting native musical instruments for sale. He organized a ready market yearly for foreign sales.