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Umar Farouk Shardow Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. From Allah we came and to Him we shall return. You shined a light in the hearts of many in our communities in New Town and Manchester. Allah knows best and you have played your role. We will continue to pray for you and to Allah to grant you Jannah. Till we meet again my dear bother. Read More
Regina Yawa Gomado A thousand words won’t bring you back. Neither will the tears. Regardless, we continue to shed uncontrollable tears and emit the pain your demise has caused us. How we wished you never left this soon, mother-in-law! Here lies the mortal remains of a woman with a kind heart. Mommie, as we affectionately called her, has ran her race and all that is left is for her to receive her crown and reward from her Maker. Mommie, the very short time you spent with us will forever remain in our hearts. We always admired your strength and calm demeanour. You were always down to earth and very supportive. It was always a pleasure seeing you. Simplicity was your hallmark. The first impression your children gave us about you was that you were of a “woman of steel” and indeed, that is what you are. They said you were difficult and uncompromising. Maybe they saw you as a very strict person because of the discipline you instilled in them. Indeed, you shaped our husbands well and we are appreciative of everything you did for them. A mother-in-law with a warm and welcoming heart. We have lost a great woman. How painful it is to lose such a genius, a gem, an in-law with unparallel qualities. Although you were a bit unwell, you always came around when we delivered our babies. You did virtually everything - from taking care of babies to taking care of us. We always insisted that you relaxed but you vehemently resisted that. Oh! What precious memories and how they make us feel when thoughts of you run through our minds. You were so selfless. Hmmm! Your priceless pieces of advice anytime we had conversations with you about marriage and child upbringing will still ring loudly in our ears. When your children are on the phone with you, you always made it a point to speak with us as well to find out how we are faring and asked God to strengthen us. We will miss our video calls with you. Those moments were priceless. You would commend us for taking very good care of your grandchildren describing them as ‘’soldiers’’. They never returned without smoked fishes and food stuffs from you. All these memories we would forever cherish. We love you but God loves you more. Rest Well Mommie. ‘’He denuyie’’ Rest peacefully in the arms of the creator. May God keep you till we meet again. Read More
Lawrence Benard Hanson-Nortey TRIBUTE BY WIFE Those we love don't go away. They work beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near. Still missed and very dear. You have left footprints wherever you went as you journeyed through life. went as still look back and see the trail you It is bright and beaming with hope. I met Lawrence, my husband, when I was in my early 20's We are related you know. Yes, Lawrence was my uncle. We loved and grew together. Lawrence and were married for 70 years. We celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 11th of April 2022. We enjoyed our Otor and took some pictures. We had a little ceremony on the 17th of April. To everyone's surprise, Lawrence who was active the day before, sat by me as I prepared the food for the celebration and our dinner was confined to his bed that Sunday. His clothes lay on the bed, and he was not able to wear them. The Minister came to the house to bless us, and we had Communion. We had a little Celebration knowing full well he was right there with us. The days following the 17th were slow. His healthy appetite was fading, and we had to coax him to eat. I resorted to playing his daughter Viki's voice recording for him. He eat his food and later bid his in my early 20's. We are related you know. Yes by in his words. Mama Mikitee ni oba (am taking the lead) On Saturday the 7th of May the routine followed but strangely enough we did not pay the voice recording and he ate all his food and as he was going to bed, he did not repeat his words. He stopped besides me. looked at m and he rolled on. I asked "Dada, today won't you tell me you are taking the lead? asked him twice and it was dead silence. Little did I know that it would be the last time! would see my Lawrence. I woke up on Mother's Day and I was supposed to Preach on the topic "Woman. Let Your Light Shine to Radiate Jesus Christ. This was moved to the following week. "The whole world can become the enemy when you lose what you love" - Kristi McMorris My Husband's light was dimmed that day. He made sure had an assignment on that day so I will leave the house. He had taken a shower and was ready to have his breakfast when the sunset before evening. We had a good life together. Talk about our friendship and support for each other. He always got me a cup of Tea in bed every morning. have a sweet tooth and he didn't so I would complain that there wasn't enough milk and sugar in the beverage. Lawrence was never upset with me though. Rather, he would bring the milk and the sugar sol will add as much as wanted. He also encouraged me to go the Teacher Training College to become a teacher. He took care of our three girls whilst I was in school. We moved from Takoradi to Achimota and we had a great relationship with the teaching staff (mostly Foreigners). I reminisce our evenings together at the Club House, the Operas, preparing to sit and wait for the "Queen of the Night flower to open. From Achimota we moved to Dzorwulu in 1987. This is where we lived until his passing. Lawrence, you were my friend and companion through and through. Never once did you stop me from bringing my whole self to the table. I was free to entertain you friends, my friends, and our friends together You supported my every project and I stood tall wherever I found myself. Lawrence was proud of me and everything did, and you know what? I know Lawrence loved me because of the way he talked abo me. It was different. I always felt safe a comfortable. The relationship between us extend beyond our walls. The Family calls number 1 to date. Lawrence enjoyed cooking and décor. His friends and the children spent time with us. We had far trips to the Beach at Prampram where we Beach Hut. I will miss our Sunday Dinners together. I will miss your company when I am cooking. Lowrie, as I would say when I want to tease Time is al your sense of humor. Who will I serve? I have served you for 70 years Lawrence! Your death But life de goon.. has amputated me. However, although you left this world, you have not left my heart. When life seems a blur, And I can't quite believe That I'm living without you And you were taken from me. I sit back and think Of the memories we shared, All the laughs that you gave me And the times that you cared. Til death do us part. That's true in our case. I miss you so much, Your voice and your face. When it gets too much And I wish you we were I feel thankful that I met you, And I hold you close, my dear. Til death do us part. That's true in our case. I miss you so much, Your voice and your face. You're my angel in Heaven, I'll never loving you. Rest in perfect peace. Yaa wor o dzogbaa. Read More
Kwame Ankomah Dapaah “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed,” Psalm 46:1-2a (KJV) God saw you getting tired And a cure was not to be So He put His arms around you And whispered ‘Come with Me.’ A golden heart stopped beating, Hardworking hands at rest, God broke our hearts to prove He only takes the best. You never said ‘I’m leaving’, You never said goodbye, You were gone before we knew it, And only God knew why. Rhonda Braswell Daddy’s passage on the 21st of April, 2022 hit us right through our chest to receive such heartbreaking news on a Thursday morning. We are conscious that the pain over losing our dad is probably never going to end and is difficult to get over but as we absorb it, we hope to get better. We find solace in the fact that his existence, influence, and energy are intimately connected to ours and that we are developing into compassionate, sensitive, and empathetic human beings. We will continue to refer to you as “Popee, Daa, Daddy” because you are still in our hearts. Oh! Kwame Dapaah you were immeasurable! Your constant love, generosity, selflessness, kind words, amusing jokes and advice are memories we will forever live with. Hardly would you see daddy raise his hand or voice at you, just his presence was enough to put you in shape. Your aura was impeccable which greatly impacted us to build our confidence, this makes us be identified as Mr Dapaah’s children just by sight. Daddy was so proud of us and would boost about us being his children everywhere he went. Daddy enjoyed laughing a lot and never made anyone feel left out. He was the perfect embodiment of love who had a golden heart, as anybody close could attest. He sought for the best in people and contributed everything he had to make the world better than when he encountered it. Oh Popee! Our hearts are still wounded by your death. We still find it hard to believe you left us before enjoying the fruits of your labor. We are devastated by not hearing your last words, much alone the fatherly advice you used to give us. Hmmm… It's said that everything happens for a reason and that time heals all wounds. Sadly, both time and reasons cannot erase the sorrow we feel. Even though those times are gone, we will always remember you in our hearts. The memories' gates will never shut. May The Good Lord Reward You With A Peaceful After Life. We miss you Popee! Agya pa, Nantie yie! Read More